Meditation Training

Meditation training assists us all in creating “open space” to allow new spiritual and intellectual insights (in balance) to permeate our awareness.  This is actually intuitional training! Everyone always asks me, “How do I develop my intuition?”  Well, the answer is always the same, Meditate!

There are different types of meditations, and each person has their own way of allowing this.  Some are great at sitting very still and being blank.  Others fully enjoy being guided.  Some walk or exercise as meditation.  Some actively breathe or chant in a certain way to focus or they just send energy to the third eye between the eyebrows (this meditation can make some people very dizzy).  One of my favorites is what I call “Ceiling Time”.  Lie on your bed and stare at the ceiling until all your thoughts just process through and soon you are zoned out on a spider or a crack or whatever with no thought at all.

For most people it takes time to get good at it.  Everyday, try to sit and blank your mind for at least 5 minutes.

Different intuitional gifts begin to manifest.  Your clairvoyance (clear sight) of your very own design will become activated.  Everyone is different.  Clairvoyance can be sight, pictures, shapes, a scene, a color, even words written, etc… It may also be like a subcategory of clairvoyance which is clairsentience, feelings of all kinds like sensations in the body, a feeling in the room, or an energy near, etc…  Clairaudience is hearing.  You can hear music, tones, words in your own voice or others including guardians.  Claircognizance is really wild.  You just know and sometimes you don’t know how to explain why.  “How do you know?”  “I don’t know.  I just know.”

…..just the beginning….      See also How to Meditate

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