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Ascension Transformation

Transformation is a fundamental change into something new. Transformation is almost always large, significant and irreversible and/or permanent. A butterfly has fundamentally transformed from a caterpillar/pupa. It cannot go back. 

Signs of transformation are all around. Change can be disconcerting, irritating and may create a feeling of agitation. Life changes can invoke fearful thinking and fearful reactions. Like all endings that feel like a death, on the other side is a new beginning. Using all your strength and courage to look fear in the face may bring forth an exhilarating and exciting experience of relief, resolve and rebirth. Confronting fear can also create a higher level of healthy pride and confidence. 

Our consciousness can be influenced by celestial events such as: astrological alignments, moon phases, eclipses, solar storms and seasonal changes. These events can create occasions for breakthroughs to expanded awareness. Old locked mindsets, habits and patterns that repeat and disappoint may be agitated to the surface so they become available to be healed and released.

Energies that support transformation emanate from planet Earth, our Milky Way Galaxy and the Great Universe. These Higher Vibrations contain codes and keys to Higher Awareness and create a boost in consciousness. Ascension entails purifying thoughts, cleansing emotions and choosing loving action for the highest good.

If you do not maintain awareness of these Higher Dimension Energies, it’s easy to become bogged down to feel overwhelmed by things you cannot control. Being aware that there are vibrations creating movement, change and DNA activations can shift fear into love, worry into excitement, and some pains into acceptance, and, afterwards relief. 

Some symptoms may feel unpleasant and cause irritation and confusion, such as:

*strange sensations in your body: lightness, heaviness, tightness, dizziness, aching, tingling, temperature changes

*appetite changes

*buzzing or humming in the ears

*sleep pattern changes, insomnia

*tired, itchy, blurry eyes

*difficulty concentrating or focusing

*uncomfortable around a lot of people

Here are some more pleasant symptoms you may experience:

*Increased awareness of your Higher Self, multi dimensions, light entities, angels, ancestors, or guides

*More unique dreams including lucid dreaming

*Increase in body flexibility and an impulse to stretch

*More grounded feeling, and sometimes the opposite, more ethereal

*A need for meditation, quiet moments and stillness and opportunities to “tune in to” inner dimensional frequencies and messages you are receiving

*More intuitive and psychic: recognizing synchronicity, number patterns, signposts, symbols, geometric shapes and their meanings

*Memories of this life and others coming up and examined, and some reexamined in a more enlightened way

*Looking at the bigger picture 

*Increased compassion for yourself and others

*Recognizing when it’s time to take a rest in between activity during each day

My wish is that you will allow the Ascension Transformations to bless your life now as you take a more active, intentional role in creating the new world we are all looking forward to living in!

Please create a time to come in or a phone session. I will safely and gently assist you in opening up to the ascension vibrations so you can use your new-found awareness more responsibly.

Wendy Chaffin October 2022

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