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Mother Mary, The Mother of All Mothers

Mother Mary will awaken your heart with sweet compassion, empathy, kindness, healing, and love for yourself and others. She IS beauty in all. With Her you are never alone, lost, or wanting. There is hope. She breathes peace into your days, hours and minutes. Simply ask and she gives. She gently guides you with the strength of Feminine, Intuitive Wisdom when you ask. She reminds you that abundance flows through you as your natural state of Being. All your Manifestations on your soul plan can be imbued with ease and grace, with respect and right timing. Think of Her and be fulfilled. Her expression is the ever flowing bounty of love. She is always receptive to you. She encourages allowing and acceptance. She reminds you that you Are One with Her and you Are filled with gentle compassion and great love.

Feel her in the magic of synchronicity, in a soft breeze, in the comfort of a good meal, in music, in laughter, in the beauty of your own smile and the smile of another. Be blessed by the softness or warmth of a kind touch from someone close to you as they channel Her love. She is everywhere around you and within you, waiting for you to notice Her.

You ARE Loved. 

Mother Mary, please, always remind me of your presence in my life. Open and awaken my heart wide to accept love and peace as my natural state of Being. Allow everyone who touches my life to be influenced in this way. I Am blessed by our Union. We Are ONE. 

4 replies on “Mother Mary, The Mother of All Mothers”

Thank you Wendy. Your posting, all of it, was a bright ray in my life today.
I’ve been so swept up in negative world news lately. Your words were soothing and uplifting. I want to refocus on all the beauty and wonder in life and always realize to be grateful for my blessings. And truly Let It Be.
Aaahh! A burden just fell from my shoulders. Thanks once more

Well, you are a Bright Ray of Light in my life today! Thank you for sharing your sweetness!

I did so enjoy the Mother Mary prayer/blessing/affirmation. It truly touched heart when I needed it most. I have been stressed & struggling with dark thoughts due to serious, unrelenting health issues, and this helped me to break through my profound feelings of loss and aloneness. Thank you for this inspiring message, it has been received and performed it’s intended mission! I can once again feel the light & raise my thoughts to the blessings of the universe. I appreciate you and all the messages you so thoughtfully post. Thank you for your kindness & wisdom in all your messages & newsletters. You are a blessing in your own right. Namaste.

My heart is so full after reading your sweet message, Deborah! Thank you for taking the time to share. You are not alone. May you feel the bright blessings of love and light in your body and in your life! Hold your awareness on the power of love and be alert to the messages you’re being given to stay balanced. Ask for miracles, they exist! XO

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