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Time to Shine!

It’s that time of the year when the summer sun assists you in emanating joy and your unique self expression. Pull up your confidence! Embrace your talents and Be the YOU you are meant to be!

The end of June I took some time to sink into, reset, and align with my Sacred Self in Arizona and New Mexico. One of my favorite reset spots, Sedona, Arizona is a powerful meditation site. It is one of the many places where Mother Earth’s energy centers can be seen and felt. The red rock is extraordinary and the vortex areas create magical healing each with their own unique vibration.

For over 20 years I had a fascination with Chaco Canyon in New Mexico, so I added it on to my adventure. My partner and I rode along the bumpy 20 mile, 104 degree, desert road to get to the prehistoric public buildings of red-and-ocher sandstone blocks. Chaco Canyon was the home of many indigenous southwestern peoples, and the center of a far-reaching culture between A.D. 850 and 1250. Spiritual rituals, trade networks, engineering, agriculture, astronomy and art were a part of this Chacoan world. I must have been there too in a lifetime or so because my longing to venture there stuck with me. I felt drawn to the circular kivas where directional sacred ceremony called to me. Here is my Blog Link for more pictures. Look forward to hearing about your adventures in Sedona and/or Chaco.

My channeled notes from Chaco:
Go in as one with all, rather than one alone.Be still and tolerant like the lizard.Be at peace with silence.This is a Transformational Place, your Butterfly Magic.The wind is its own language, shhhh.Find beauty here. The light of your soul yearns for this beauty.It is immense.

I asked, “How do I hold onto that beauty?” Never hold on. That is the medicine.

Who am I talking with? An essence of you that journeys with you here to remember. Remember the stillness and live your life with this magnificence in your heart. It is not just found here. You can find it everywhere around you and everywhere you go. Chaco Canyon teaches you. It is now a part of you always. Live it. Be it. Remember it.

Sooooo, I got home and had a huge emotional cleanse! Floored by my reset, and exhausted, I realized that most sacred sites are to help you do just that. I had to look within at what was not allowing me to shine my brightest. The pandemic craziness had to leave my body and my energy field!

An important reminder: No need to worry that your light is not perfect enough. You are meant to shine your life, lessons and magnificence of who you actually ARE!

Below, Lisa Nichols, the Motivational Speaker in The Secret, so beautifully shares a very important message in one of her Facebook posts:
⠀… In the way you forgive the foreseeable unforgivable…The way you love the perceivably unlovable…⠀The way you accept what seems to be unacceptable….⠀The way you embrace after you’ve been betrayed…⠀The way you do that is the way you will LEAD. ⠀⠀And your job is to give us YOU in the way that you’ve NEVER given us you before.⠀⠀Your job is to show us WHY YOU WERE BORN. Your job is to disrupt lives so that we’re forever changed because we had the blessing of crossing your path. ⠀⠀That’s your job. Your job is not to let us off the hook by dimming your light, or wondering if we can handle your light. ⠀⠀Your job is to show up, and show out, and let us do what we have to do to get ready for you. ⠀⠀Your light doesn’t belong to you. Your light belongs to everyone who’ll be illuminated by it because you were bold enough and obedient enough to let your light shine. ⠀⠀

Remember – every lesson brings great blessings. ⠀

Wendy Chaffin 7-7-21

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