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Are You Ready Now?

Sowing Seeds of Potential & Abundant Love…

No doubt we are experiencing challenging times with changing circumstances – globally, nationally and on a personal level. Everyone has had enough, for sure! Have you taken a moment to recognize your strength?

I’ll bet you have more than you thought possible!

Don’t underestimate the power of  Loving, Higher Dimensional help at this time blending with our mysterious and magical Earth Mother. She is in each one of us. She is healing, helping, and honoring all your requests for service to yourself and others.

Have faith in what is revealed as you move forward, creatively adjusting your earthly life. Trust as new ideas open up and allow for modification and innovation! Be bold!

Plant your seedling ideas with positive expectations as they grow and later manifest even more positive potentials.

I sense personal triumphs on the road ahead. Can you? Please courageously tell me and others about the faith you have in stepping forward and your anticipated success (even when it’s not yet fully manifested). I promise, as you begin to write it, it will feel less personal and less heavy! Empower yourself, me, and others. After all, We are ONE, Beautiful, Divine Force!

I have posted mine below. Don’t forget to sign up to hear replies and the responses of other brave and magical souls on the Sacred Discoveries Blog. For 20 years, Spirit has magnetically brought the most wonderful, powerful people to me. I would like to share all of you with each other! We truly are Incredible Light Beings!

6 replies on “Are You Ready Now?”

Dear Wendy,
It’s been a delight getting to know you. I’m grateful you’ve held my hand on this journey, and I thank you for sharing the insights that you seem to effortlessly tap into. I look forward to your next work.

I recently opened my eyes a little wider and put pen to paper:

is an adult awareness.
One day you weep
at the vastness of the universe
and how little you mean to it.

Does it make you brave,
or does it make you wither.

Whatever combination of gratitude
And witchcraft you believe in,
It won’t change the outcome.
In the end, we’ll have moved on from here.

How do you want to spend your here? Or, are you going to smother it in your pocket and save it for a later that never comes.


I am seeing my self reading your book and feeling enlightened.
I have been literally, and physically sowing seeds, honoring the moon cycles, and manifesting a new path for myself by creating a sustainable garden at home while on lock-down. I feel this incredible connection to mother earth, and I am following it. I am flowing with the vibration of the earth, to help create sustainable garden spaces, to honor Mother Earth in every way I can.

What a pleasure to hear about your sustainable garden! Thank you for sharing. Mother Earth will continue to bless you in your service!

I look forward to watching your project peek it’s head above the soil, unfold its stem and open it’s leaves toward the sun, eventually showing us its lovely flowers. I know that flower and bring joy to all who see it. I see your project sending out seeds that will inspire others to plant their Divine Urgings in the fertile soil of Divine Unfolding. Nurturing, germinating, reaching toward the sun. All of those new plantings bringing forth more colorful flowers of inspiration!

I am naturally flowing into a creative, writing project I’ve had in my mind since 2010 without hesitation. What excites me is the idea that I will one day enjoy it in its completion! And when I enjoy it, I know others will too! I’m still not sure how it will turn out, but the flow is encouraging me to begin, then begin again. One baby step at a time. The flow feels 5th dimensionally guided, protected and abundant!

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