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2019 Dynamic Change Notes!

When Great Divine Universal Love wants to give you all that your heart wants, can you and will you step up to receive it or will you hang onto old, familiar patterns that keep your vibration at a lower frequency? Will you still choose to stay down there? My guess would be of course not! Begin and/or continue the proper training to accept such good in your life. I invite you to do just that! Accept the good and it will there for you this year.

Trust your evolutionary path and shine brightly!
The rare stone, herderite, awakens latent powers of your mind. It triggers areas of the brain that have been dormant since your descent in the Atlantian times. Since then you have completed a great task which included the exploration of the concept of separation. You are completing that task. This is the evolution of humanity. Allow your physical self to align with your Higher Self now! Move from duality consciousness to unity consciousness!
Dynamic change is happening now. Individuals have an effect on the hologram considered reality. Pay attention to your intentions. Transmute fears into unity consciousness, heart connection, and compassion.
This Year’s Words for 2019 Are:  PositivePatience, & Presence

This message has helped so many so far this 2019. I have decided it is the motto that encourages movement, growth, well-being, magic, miracles, big love, and great manifestations this year!

Everyone wants to see changes and movement this year in some particular area of their lives. Forward momentum can only happen when you are patient and present! It’s a paradox. You can’t go forward unless you know where you’re at. Picture a rock climber who must place hands and feet accurately and precisely to create the next move forward or he or she is going to fall! Be present and positively intentional. Your focus will pay off and you will climb to unimaginable heights.

This is a manifesting year! Certainly, hold your thoughts and feelings positive to spark life and magic into your manifestations in union with Mother Earth!

Wendy Chaffin

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Positive, Patience, & Presence. The last two mornings have been hard for me – it’s cold, raining and I would rather stay in bed than go to work. Repeating these three words has helped me get through those mornings and have helped me realize that my souls purpose is within reach.

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