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You Are a Gift to the Earth

As a gift to the earth, you were born emanating the bright blessings of the spirit world you originated from and everyone celebrated. You had a simple purpose at that time: to love and be loved. As time went on, they had to deal with their own dramas of life and you had to adjust. So you dulled down to deal with it. You shrunk your light and fit in by surviving and sacrificing.
What if you were offered a chance to shine as if you are reborn from the light of the spirit world again? Would you take it? Of course you will say, Yes! But that will require you to address the places in you that have not been loved and nurtured. You may feel uncomfortable and vulnerable. It takes patience and courage to nurture yourself so you can mature beyond your old hurts.
Become reacquainted with your spirit roots. Gather all the love you have for yourself. Be willing to grow. Instead of being lessened, you are increased. Instead of overlooking your needs, you attend to them.

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