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How To Truly Nurture Yourself and Others – Oak Moon

Do you secretly wish with great intent to love your whole life, your lessons, your family, friends, acquaintances and even those you don’t know around the world past, present and future? If you could open yourself up to that kind of love with the brightest of boundaries so that you may only feel love and remain a beacon of pleasant wholeness for others, would you do that?

Inspiration to nurture yourself comes from a soulful expression deep within you . You feel a calling up from a sacred pool of love, joy and abundance spiraling from within and without. This is the place you instinctively go to. It is power beyond comprehension. An emanating force that reigns. This gifting place is your true North, South, East and West.

Recognize that the same presence and power that created the entire universe is at work within you always guiding you to your greatest benefit.

Try asking your Higher Self to awaken the potential of Big Love. What do you think would happen if you made this your daily mantra?

Close your eyes and whisper these words,
“I am a beacon of love in the world expanding beyond my limited comprehension. I am awakened and nurtured by this awareness and in return I awaken the world.”

And So It Is

Channeled by Wendy Chaffin

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