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The New You Emerging!

Our planet is rising in vibration faster than ever, creating great healing boosts!

It’s as if old frozen, stuck, patterns are melting away! Opportunities arise, stirring new thoughts, ideas and actions. You are ready to define your new self.

If you find yourself expressing old patterns, remind yourself of your true essence and gently sort out the thoughts, feelings, and actions that are not congruent with you. 

Expand into the future straight from the present moment! Be aware! Study and explore life from your new perspective. Your old fears may not have the hold on you as they once had. Thoughts come and go more quickly. There seems to be a space open now for new discovery. 

Be it! Enjoy it! Love your presence! Say thank you to yourself. You’ve come a long way!

For those of you I haven’t seen or talked to while you’ve been busy working very hard on your inner-self, I would love to be of assistance and reflect back to you the New You emerging! You are most likely ready for the next Reiki level, or would glean from a closer, more refined look into the wisdom of your chakras including the transpersonals!

Call or text for a session. Not only does my spirit miss our sweet connection, we have important, spiritual endeavors to experience together and imbue with joy!


Enjoy communicating with your amazing Higher Self! Dive deep, and leap high like the whale! Embrace wisdom, happiness, and spiritual awakening. With a radiance of Big Love, you are amazed at what you are manifesting now and what you will continue to manifest.

Wendy Chaffin 5/2024

Artwork by Meenal Acharya, “Happiness”

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