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The Dark Void, Solar Eclipse

Before, during and around April’s Solar Eclipse of 2024, you may experience conscious thoughts and emotions from your yesterdays, flashbacks, events, or interactions that trigger vulnerabilities, dramas and patterns that do not serve your tomorrow. Imagine dropping them right into the dark void of the eclipse. Rewrite your story to unlock its hidden potential. Bless this opportunity to forgive and bless the past. Darkness gives way to the light. 

It’s time to disengage from outgrown, restrictive roles, relationships, and ways of living. Old collective, global and personal frameworks fall. It is time to build using new ideas, opportunities and technology of the future. 

Good news! A magical astrological alignment that will occur only once in our lifetime will happen in the last week of April (Jupiter conjuncts Uranus in Taurus). The alignment brings encouragement to feel that things are moving in a well-deserved, brand new, positive direction. For some, it comes easy and for others, it may take a little effort to allow it into their lives.

Rare Comet Action During the Solar Eclipse!

During the Solar Eclipse, a green comet appears in the night sky. 

Astrologer, Pam Younghans, shares significant, happy news:

Comet Pons-Brooks is growing brighter in the sky, and will soon be passing by Jupiter (on April 12). Revelations, innovative ideas, and higher wisdom are the gifts we receive from comets. Their appearance also corresponds with events that bring up unconscious thoughts, beliefs, memories, and emotions, so that we might process and release them.

This icy, solar system object bears the names of two of the most renowned comet hunters of all time, Jean-Louis Pons (1761-1831) and William R. Brooks (1844-1921). It shows off sudden flare-ups in brightness. Featured in the photo is the light-blue stream ion tail which consists of charged molecules pushed away from the comet’s nucleus by solar wind. It has an orbital period of roughly 71 years. The next time it will be seen will be in 2095. It was first discovered in 1395. 


Sulis, Celtic Goddess of the Sun, reminds you to let go of everything. Seek only light, health and wholeness. 

The Kabbalistic Sefirot formation message also encourages freeing yourself from unnecessary burdens. Weed out trouble spots in your life. 

Archangel Metatron who has a seat very close to God/Goddess wishes you to be still and meditate on your own innate wisdom. His help will be granted when you ask.

You are now able to move deeper through the Akashic Records into a Higher Self Awareness. Sort through the insights you are receiving about the many lives and lessons you’ve experienced. Your heightened intuition at this time will help you with a Greater Self-Creation of unlimited potential and possibility.

Wendy Chaffin 4/2024 


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