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Nurturing Self and Others With Presence

Presence is quiet remembrance of your inner light and the light of others. Your inner light is perfect, wise, great love, whole and healthy, and filled with abundance.
Recognizing inner light creates balance by providing what is needed in the moment. Sometimes you need inspiration in the form of stimulation like joy, epiphanies, energy for action. Other times your inner light is soothing peace, calm, and stillness. Your light is profound, omnipotent and blessed.
When you acknowledge your inner light you are connected to the expanded universe and to our great vibrant earth. Honor its magic and you honor with gratitude yourself and all forms of manifestation: the people in your life near and far, nature, the comforts of your reality and just being alive.
Tap your spirit and you tap everything around you! By remembering your light, you help awaken the awareness of what is around you.
Know this light and love with illumination.
“Divine Higher Self co-creating with God/Goddess please awaken within me the awareness of my Higher Light especially at times when I need to remember and radiate balance, peace and great love!”
Wendy Chaffin

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