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The Wisdom of Discipline at the SEMPES Levels (revised)

Spiritual– I maintain focus on the fact that I am protected by the Light of the Divine. I Am Divine.  I Am Love. This awareness brings wonderful, loving experiences into my life, all for my Best and Highest Good. My Higher Self messages are simple, profound and easy for me to accept.

Emotional– I always iron out all emotional wrinkles. As the emotions come up, I look at them and understand why they came up if possible. If it is not clear, I give honor to each emotion. I express each emotion that needs expressing. I pay attention to when the ego tries to cover up the emotion. I may need acknowledgement by pampering myself and relaxing. My emotions speak to me feelings rather than in words.

Mental– I come to the place of No Mind. This trains my mind to stop when I recognize too much activity. Single focus meditation helps to achieve this state. I also train myself to stop immediately without allowing the thought to run through anymore. If it keeps coming, I take time to check in with my ego and emotions to see if there is some underlying message there. My mind and intuition work together in balance.

Physical– By maintaining focus on my breath, I pay more attention to my whole body. I sense the White Light of the Divine moving through me. I pay attention to any places in my body that feel uncomfortable or different. I ask my intuition to tell me the meaning. I pay attention to my own energy system. When I am experiencing someone else’s energy, I am alerted immediately and I respond by letting go. My physical reality is a reflection of what I have created in my world. I Am Creator and Manifestor.

Ego– I catch the ego before I react. If I am thinking angry or defensive words in my head with tension in my body, or I have the desire to hide and/or crumple up with pain in my body, or I think I am ugly, worthless or “not enough”, it is a sure sign the lower vibration of my ego has taken over. Usually at those times, my posture is “slumpy”. I recognize this immediately and change over to my heart’s truth.  I let go and do something to give love to myself. I talk kindly to myself while resting and breathing. I remind myself that I AM. This prayer is helpful:  The Light of the Divine surrounds me. The Love of the Divine unfolds me. The Power of the Divine flows through me. And wherever I Am, so Is the Divine, and I am Divine…All IS Well. I recognize that it is wonderful to be creative and talented in my own way. I share my bright essence with the world.

Soul– I live my life in my heart’s integrity. I live in balance knowing my heart’s truth sets me free.  I allow all experiences to show me the way to the Higher Vibrations of Living. I give honor to my life. I have faith in all things, people, circumstances, events, including myself and my life. I realize all are lessons to help me to see the purpose for living ~ to be a Light of Spirit in the world. My soul sings! I have a purpose! I am meant to be ME!

Wendy Chaffin 

Revised March 2022

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