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2019 Time to Manifest!

 The World is Sacred!
The Year of Manifestation!
Take notice of the sacred, physical world around you and all that encompasses your earthly life, your body, your family, your home, your job, your peeps, etc… Create the opportunities to have what you want. Abundance in all forms will manifest including love and money if it is in tune with your heart’s sacred service. Another secret is to know what you want and to allow it to come forth in a way that is meant to come in without force. Trust in your intuition as it will guide you to all your next steps. Unfold with ease by letting go of what is no longer needed and gently take in the new. It’s all in Goddess timing, so relax into gratitude as your are led along a sacred path to wholeness.
2+0+1+9 adds to a 12, The Hanged Man. Let go and flow. Trust the process. 1+2 = 3, The Empress, the Great Goddess, Gaia, Mother Earth’s blessings. Trust her timing, her rhythm, her clues and know she wants to give it to you and more as long as it is straight from your heart.
Wendy Chaffin
Art by Holly Sierra

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