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Chakra Healing

To create new realities for your life, it is important to develop a relationship with your chakras. Your body speaks to you through your energy-intuitive senses opening you up to a wealth of information about yourself. As your become aware, you bring light to that area, therefore, “enlightening” it which allows healing. Your body knows when you are reacting form your conditioning or acting from your truths.

Why it Matters

As you grow in awareness of your Sacred Self, it becomes necessary to expand and release energy spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, egoically and soulfully. You came into this life with energy information. The seven major spinning vortices in your etheric (subtle energy) body, the chakras, each store different frequencies and attract circumstances, events, and people of like frequencies. 

In my Chakra Healing Sessions, we use toning, mantras and intuitive guidance to access obstructive energy or unconscious information in your chakras to create a release of energy. We will bless and enlighten this area to bring balance and wholeness to your life. You will learn first hand how your chakras speak to you and learn skills to recognizing your own complex energy matrix that is uniquely yours. We address one chakra per session, so you can expect at least seven sessions. Sometimes more than one session is needed for a particular chakra. Deeper healing becomes available when the client has committed to higher level energy healing work, such as Reiki Level II.

Advanced Chakra Exploration - The Transpersonal Chakras

More advanced Transpersonal Chakra Exploration becomes appropriate for those that have moved through higher level healing modalities such as the Reiki Master Level. It is imperative to explore these higher chakras only after the seven basic are explored first. The higher chakras, 8 through 13, advance students through higher dimensional realities and therefore cannot be taken lightly. I use extreme caution when advancing a student to immersed exploration of these levels.

I have found through my many years as a Reiki/Karuna Reiki Master, that the Reiki II practitioners easily become comfortable in the 8th chakra, but their mental awareness of this energy develops slowly. They usually need more time and training in order to advance into the higher realms.

Please contact me with any questions you may have or to schedule an appointment to get started.  I cannot express the joy and peace that comes from this blessed healing and training to integrate the new awarenesses and advance into the higher realms.

NEW!  initiating students in Advanced Chakra Ascension Activations!

Chakra Healing

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