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Activate the Light Within You!


The Light of the Sun is within you.

You have a special talent.

All that is outside of you is within you. All human experience is generated from within.

And the Light you see outside of you is also within!

Compulsive reactions is the outside you.

When you focus on the perfection of the light inside you, there is nothing to fix outside of you.

Move beyond separation and polarities. Be in Union with All with joy and a pleasant heart.

Activate your will and You Are Awakened to this truth.

Who is responsible for the condition of your life? YOU!

With one moment of focus on the Light Within, there you can find the Divine All.

With awareness and effort, You Are the Light not the impressions of genetics, politics, memories and imaginations. 

Respond to your own Universal Life Force, the Light of Oneness Within You!

The flow of your destiny is created by you!

Use this meditation to align with your Light Consciousness:

Take a few deep breaths.

Then say, “I surround myself with the Light of Harmony and Balance, Wholeness and Health, Joy and Love.”

See and feel the “Sun” rising in all your cells.

Imagine in your mind’s eye from far out in the Universe, a loving, warm, Golden Light radiates and enters the top of your head into the crown, down into your heart, expanding very wide even through your arms and hands. Take a deep breath.

And now, imagine Magical Divine Light coming up through the depths of Mother Earth into your feet, up your legs, through the trunk of your body meeting the beautiful Golden Light in Your Heart. Deep breath.

Feel a new level of exuberance within and around you.

Know your Spiritual Heart beats Light out to the Earth and on outward to the Entire Universe.

So Be it.

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