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Some Words About Gratitude

From a few of
My Favorite Peeps In My Life…

“When I wake in the morning I say and feel thanks while coming out of meditation. When I go to sleep, the last thing I say is, “Thank you for the day.” It’s something I cultivate daily, the same as I would cultivate my garden with an expectation of having fruit come from that cultivation.”

Ron Skorich
Production Supervisor


“My personal best is being Holly. Holly the Goddess, the High Priestess, the seeker of love, of truth, and of wisdom who transcends pain into passion, love and light.”

Holly Guzanick
Yoga Instructor
High Priestess
Sacred Moon Discoveries


“Gratitiude brings life.”

Debbie Stacey
Program Manager
High Priestess
Sacred Moon Discoveries


“Gratitude ?!?! You’ve got to be kidding!
What do you mean I should feel Gratitude?
Do you know what’s going on? What my life is like?
I don’t know how (or don’t want) to feel Gratitude about this.
Have you ever felt this way?
When I find myself in this type of funk, that’s when I ask for help from Beyond.
Beyond me. Beyond my daily dramas. Beyond my personal perspective.
I know Beyond sees a bigger picture.
Beyond probably sees how this current circumstance will open the doorway and pave the path toward something even more marvelous in my life.
When ‘I’m just not seeing it’ I ask Beyond to feel the Gratitude for me.
Beyond Knows. Beyond can See.
I ask Beyond to show me what it sees, tell me what it knows.
I watch and listen.
It may not happen right away, but eventually my vision clears and I hear words of comfort and encouragement.
I start to feel Gratitude myself.
If not for the circumstance, then for knowing that Beyond sees everything and knows that All is Well with my life.
Could you use some help from Beyond?
All you have to do is ask.
Now that is something to be Grateful for!”

Linda Krokenberger
Network Spinal Analyst


“Gracious Gratitude is being aware that I exist in and by the Grace of the Omnipresent Creator. In me and all around me. I am Grateful that I know this for it is through His/Her Grace!”

Georgina Lentz
Energy Healer

I sat in a channeling and this message rolled out from my Celestial Team who work within and through me. I am very grateful for this support and loving connection:

“I awaken in the Light of Gratitude with a flow that heals all wanting. I Am a discovery of my Divinity shared with All BEings of nature on Earth and All of Universal Creation.”

Celestial Team
Channeled by Wendy Chaffin
Celtic High Priestess and Facilitator of
Sacred Moon Discoveries
Metaphysical Minister
Spiritual Counselor
Energy Healer/Teacher

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