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Eclipses Imprinting New Vibrations

2020 PST
Eclipses imprint energy for months to come. This cycle of 3 eclipses began with the full moon eclipse on June 5th in the last moon cycle. In this next moon cycle, both the sun and the full moon will eclipse. The sun will eclipse on June 20th. The moon will eclipse again on July 4th.
In addition, the new moon on June 20th marks the Summer Solstice and both the moon and sun will be in Cancer. Summer shows us the fullness of our manifestations. The energy is bright and we move into action. Cancer teaches strength of compassionate action for self and others. The current retrogrades are encouraging life review while the eclipses are amplifying and revealing what has been hidden in your own life and in the world. It shouldn’t surprise you if you are feeling a bit jumbled up. It’s sort of like action with constant review, a need to care and do something, but time moving forward and backward confusing things.
We sure have a lot of change going on this 2020 year! Accept this time of change without judgement knowing that change encourages growth. The eclipses will imprint the coming six months with more change and growth! The change and growth is our collective destiny, so we might as well accept it. Let your frustrations out gently. Take care of yourself and remember others are feeling jumbled too. All around us is the obvious evidence of change and growth in consciousness. Try not to add to the upset. Instead, share the confidence of your inner light of awareness.
Reading during this time:
You are entering into a state of heightened awareness opening up all your senses to receive enlightened information supporting your desire for growth and freedom. This is the start of something new. A creative flame glows within your heart. Face the ending of old ways. Release the need for explanation and allow greater opportunity for your soul to shine. Focus on what is becoming by honoring what is no longer to be.
Wendy Chaffin

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