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New Year 2022 – The Activated Spiritual Heart

What an interesting year ahead! Feels like broadening, developing and heightening experiences coming this way along with activated intuition and heart compassion.

When adding the digits of 2022 (2+0+2+2 = 6) it becomes a six. The six on the Qabalah Tree of Life is Tiphereth or Beauty, the Heart of the Divine Human Being. This year you have the potential to discern truth from your innocent Heart, and awakened Higher Self. Beauty is known as the place of Christ Consciousness.

All those 2’s are important, too. The 2 represents balance, the yin and yang, as well as the High Priestess. The High Priestess channels the ease and flow of the many faces and seasons of the Divine Mother. Three times over, the 2 is presenting the High Priestess who holds the balance of truth between dark and light experiences. The High Priestess’s journey of empowerment is never easy. I anticipate big, but beautiful growth this year; learning to trust what you know, manifesting your heart’s truth with Divine Connection will create resilience and grounded stability. Recognizing your spiritual, symbiotic relationship with both the natural and human worlds, combined with spiritual, higher vibrational intent will create flow and ease throughout the year.

Reading for January 2022:

Let inspiration nurture your life so you become clearer and more energetic. Opportunities, messages and signs may indicate the direction your Higher Self is encouraging you. Be open to Divine Connection and Divine Guidance.
Observe the choice points in your life that amplify or diminish your energy. Who, what and where brings you to your fullest potential? Act in fellowship with humankind to create community with like-minded individuals developing a communication grid through thought, travel, technology, etc… Ground a beautiful resonance into your life and around the earth.

Wendy Chaffin


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