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Your Heart’s Truth

Listening to your heart’s truth allows you to make blessed, fulfilling choices in your life for your work, your family, your free-time, and all that is attracted to you. You can create the feeling of safety and abundance. You can fill each day with love, beauty and acceptance.

Start with the knowing that your true parents are the Divine Mother and Heavenly Father. You are Light-filled with this mystical, extraordinary essence. Recognize that the Light which emanates from within you is also in others and in every situation. This Light spreads throughout the Universe, as well.

Call forth your inner wisdom with self-worth and confidence, so your actions and choices are filled with love and common sense. Practice being wise and calm, so your inner thoughts and communications are serene and diplomatic.

Hold a radical vision of your cherished dreams with faith, trust and hope in your heart. As you carefully nurture and focus your vision, your life will begin to grow and bloom from the soil of your heart’s magical truth.

This article is written for my wise, Hawthorn Moon, Gemini Friend, Reiki Master, and High Priestess, Sophia. Many moon ago, she started out as my client and student.

Through the years, I continue to be blessed by all that I have learned from her about presence, humbleness, and the profound, magnificent simplicity of the heart.

Sophia, I hope this reminds you how fabulous and loved you are! Now go out and make those Heart Choices 😉 I can’t wait to hear what you will learn next.


Dive deeply into Divine inner stillness and wisdom to cultivate your dreams. Activate trust with your loving relationship with God/Goddess. Recreate, and rejuvenate your trust as it is always forthcoming. Trust begins with you and permeates both your environment and your experiences.

Wendy Chaffin 5/2023

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