Sacred Discoveries


The Power of Presence

Agree to live in harmony and peace. 

Then create your meditation by first allowing your navel chakra to be the Sun ☀️. The Sun is an ascended star holding the codes of the Divine Masculine. Become One with the Sun.

Breathe golden sunlight into your navel area. Awaken Higher ego talents, confidence, excellent health, a sense of belonging, inner joy and playfulness.

Ask Archangel Metatron to infuse your navel area with inspiration, creativity, and wisdom. Archangel Metatron greets you with a shaft of incredible love in your heart. He invites you to sit on a blazing golden throne in the heart of the Sun. Experience a slow expansion of energy. Open your arms wide to accept this light.

Metatron initiates Helios, The Great Central Sun, the Stargate to another Universe of Higher Ascension energies. Be One with this transcendent, fifth dimensional, bright, expanded light. The door opens and a burst of Sacred Fire engulfs you. Breathe slowly and deeply.

Fill your aura with white Diamond light. Rest now in a beautiful state of Presence. 

Please let me know if you were able to awaken this incredible state of being. Come in for a session and we will work with these guardians and ascension energies together.



Be a true leader. Take enLIGHTened action for the good of all.

Harness the amazing energy shining from within you. You are connected to the primordial whirlpool of creation. You are not separate from God/Goddess. Realize the sacredness of the golden spiral, the golden ratio, the Phi ratio, and a series of numbers called the Fibonacci series. These numbers are at the heart of how things grow in the natural world. Contemplating this will activate your consciousness to awareness that you are One with All That IS.

See yourself in a glowing orb of brilliant golden light. Infuse your relationships with vibrant enthusiasm and life. Surround all the people you know with joy and creativity. Magnetize and attract what you want in your life.

Wendy Chaffin 7/2023

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