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Balance on the Path of Devotional Love

A fabulous choice: love of self and love of others… in balance! Most of us are out of whack when it comes to keeping the balance between love of self and love of others, and service to self and service to others. How do we know whether to compromise or to follow our deepest desires with full force when our desires do not seem to align with those of the people in our lives whom we care so much about?

Here is what the Guardians have said to me on this matter:

“We suggest keeping it simple. We remind you to activate a preference for contentment and peace in your heart soothing your mind and nervous system. Holding balance first requires a commitment. Communicate with your loved ones your desire to share a devotional love. Define this together. Express intentions to bless each other’s journey. Discuss together what is clear in your mind and heart. Compromises will feel healthy, fulfilling and appropriate in the union. Be unafraid to reveal your true essence and love for one another. True devotional love will not harm, but heal, uplift and reflect your true Divinity. Blessed Be”

Wendy Chaffin
May 2016

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