Sacred Discoveries


The Divine Mind – Messages from the Sacred Masters

In these times of global turmoil, stirring up fears in the collective consciousness of our planet, I feel a pull to be immersed in Aquarian Luminous Energy with the back drop of Piscean Omnipresence. I asked the Sacred Masters to impress a message through me to share about it:

The Divine Light speaks subtly through your words and actions. 

This is time of learning and instantaneous healing.

Activate The One Mind and observe your connection to all around you. The multiple beings of light are familiar parts and pieces of you. They surround, fill, and support you. They guide you to your Higher Purpose which is to Serve in creating the coming age of peace.

Be aware that you are immersed in The Oneness. The expression of Spirit downloads the fullness of Joy through you, bringing a blessing to all. 

Continually Re-Joy! 

Return, remember, reset, reboot, and rejoice!



The storm charges you with inspirational energy for renewal. Truth is being revealed as downloads into your mind. Feel the surge of energy into your heart. Become aware of where your heart wants to lead you.

Wendy Chaffin 2/2024


The True You

There is only one unique and beautiful you. The world and others thrive in your essence. You are an integral part of the Divine Oneness. With awareness, illuminate your omnipresence!

You have a unique message to deliver: a unique song to sing, and a unique act of love to bestow. This message, this song, and this act of love have been entrusted exclusively to the one and only you…

John Powell, S. J.



Your dream reality is becoming your outward reality. Hold your focus. Acknowledge your self-worth.

Activate your expressive capabilities through words and actions. Let your Higher Mind channel through you. From deep in your heart, create your reality by living and speaking your personal truth.

Allow the old wounded parts that have been holding space within you to bubble up and float away into the ethers. Now you have more room available for exuberance, fullness and rapture. Make the decision to dance with deeply nourishing, intensely joyful ecstasy!

Wendy Chaffin 1/2024


New Year 2024 Co-creating Your Reality

In the New Year 2024 co-create your reality with the Divine. That means manifesting and unmanifesting things at will. 2 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 8. The eighth sefira on the Tree of Life is Hod,otherwise known as Splendor, uniting man/woman with God/Goddess.

To effectively harness the energyof Splendor (magnificence, grandeur) in 2024 is to honor the essence of communication. Hod is the physical manifestation of the metaphysical concept of language. The Universal Mind creates through us on Earth through mental, abstract and powerfully influential channeling. The
Universal Mind shapes, molds and defines reality. 

In 2024 we have a heightened ability to bring harmony to our words (and our world) and to practice a conscious, mindful way of expressing ourselves. The power of language can be used to create or destroy, to enlighten or mislead.

Spiritual energy flows through us. We become conscious conduits of the lights of the higher spheres. Language Magic is created using high vibrational being’s names, prayers and mantras. Create from a place of honesty with yourself and others. Choose words, thoughts, emotions and intentions that create trust and flow. Reading, studying, interpreting and processing information, and decision making will lead to self-realization. We may not only acquire knowledge, but we may also come to know how that knowledge touches the multidimensional Universe. As you sort through and decipher language, embrace joy, embody understanding, respond with unconditional mercy, love and forgiveness. Focused gratefulness encourages positive manifestations.What a fabulous year to be in the energy of discovery!


Be like Archangel Uriel and consult with the Great Source of Mystery represented by the Sphinx. Engage in inner discovery that leads you to your deepest self-awareness. Release old beliefs to get to truth that cultivates new life.

Turn your gaze within. Allow your Mind’s Eye to guide you intuitively. Be aware of the subtle levels of energy at work. Perceive the true nature of your reality.

Call forth Guardians of Higher Guidance through spoken or written prayer or invocation. Notice the synchronicities in your life. Know everything is happening for a reason and each event has benefits.

Wendy Chaffin 12/2023



Ascension Impressions

Ascension is aligning with the new, Higher Light Energies of our planet and universe. Discover new perspectives and revelations by remembering pre-agreements. Intentionally hold energetic space for the Higher Vibrations here on the Earth plane. Re-align yourself with the origin of your light consciousness.

Within the present moment is extraordinary radiance. It is the place of all possibility.


Know that Instant healing is possible with your innate mastery of focus.


All you see, feel and experience is a manifestation of your higher thoughts and channeling of the spirit realm. Physical manifestations are alive with purpose and meaning.


Consciously widen your heart chakra to accept Love from the Cosmic Heart


There is only Love. We are One


Bless and help others who seek Higher Vibrational assistance, even if they seem difficult to assist. We are all of the incredible light. Stay aware. Declare yourself to be a clear channel. You are an Angel.


Vulnerably Open to Love


Ask for Higher Vibrational Activation of your Telepathic Center


Recognize that our Blessed Earth is a Magical Paradise of codes and keys of information about our Sacred Earth and its relationship with the Multidimensional Universe.


Accept that you are responsible for attracting or creating every single circumstance in your life. Blame is released.


Heal ancestral beliefs and issues that are not aligned with higher love, freedom and wholeness. Work through each with respect and love to permanently disentangle from them.


Trust the Higher Vibrational invisible realms to look after and support you.

Wendy Chaffin 12/2023


Invoking the Extraordinary

Hello Spiritual Seekers!

It seems that many of you are sensing energies of the collective consciousness of our planet that are disheartening, heavy, and confusing as the old world battles with the new. What a fabulous time to shift your reality to extraordinary, not only for yourself, but to create this opportunity for others.

Recently, a new book fell into my hands, The Seekers Code: Your Access to the Unreasonable and Extraordinary by Donny Epstein. I do relate to his enthusiasm and willingness to put this magical message out there to the world. Since I was very young I could see and feel energy. I assumed that everyone wanted more of what I saw, felt and knew to be the vibrations that make us happy. Great energy is fabulous in so many ways! My careers, first as an elementary school teacher and then a Spiritual Counselor and Healer have given me many opportunities to practice making kids and their parents happy and encouraging the innocent, magical child within adults to be exposed and enjoyed again. 

In his book, Donny carefully and methodically activates a powerfully positive awareness within you when you allow yourself to engage in his writings. 

The goal is to experience how to use “unbound and directed energy” as a personal recipe for accessing the extraordinary. Essentially we free-up the available energy to access Creation Codes. He defines the modes of people’s energy. Are you ‘Energy Poor’, ‘Energy Neutral’, ‘Energy Rich’ or even ‘Energy Super Rich’?

Here’s a very short introduction to Energy Rich:

Having more success – beyond being liked or accepted – because you are MORE and want to achieve more is the beginning of Energy Rich. As you get to the height of Energy Rich, victory calls, invites, and beckons you with a bandwidth seducing your entire being. More than just about your personal transformation, your field now uplifts others.

Yes, it is very possible to turn it on like you’re flicking a switch. Are you ready for that kind of simplistic answer to life’s lower vibrational problems? If you don’t believe me, then come in for sessions. Even now, I am still guided by the Higher Frequencies that came to me as a child. They continue to show me the range of all possibilities. It’s a pleasure for me to experience your joy activated (and no drugs or plant meds needed). If they haven’t already, will your guides guide you to me? We’ll see … I’m ready to share and play!


Go within, to that part of you that is closest to Source. There you will find the fullest expression of who you really are. You Are filled with love, beauty and abundance.

Be open and allow spontaneous, energetic upgrades. Receive awarenesses that are out of the ordinary! This kind of cellular awakening activates your DNA to heal. Then, find the perfect space to take time to relax, allow yourself to integrate in a deep sacred silence for as long as needed. Afterward you will feel refreshed and discover new levels of enlightenment.

Wendy Chaffin 10/2023


Soul Healing with Awareness & Ease

The Workings of the Soul 

Healing & Manifesting 



The soul holds your reason for being here on planet Earth as the one and only YOU. Your soul encourages growth, lessons and healing that feel like a spiral curriculum repeating patterns until you get it. Sometimes it’s just too scary to let go to the soul’s urge for purification. Your soul creates the required leap of consciousness needed for particular events in perfect timing. Sometimes your mental and emotional state just wants to just say, “No!”, believing that you are protecting yourself. 

We all know that protecting can be very important to maintain safety. You learned to follow your instincts to survive or to create the right boundaries for growth and manifestations. It’s like having the right planter pot, with the right soil and fertilizer, proper sunlight and water so your seed can grow into a beautiful plant.

On the flip side, protecting because you fear change can be stifling in so many ways causing physical body stiffness, lack of manifestation in certain areas of your life, emotional and mental turmoil, and possible missed opportunities.

Protecting happens when you’re trying to not “fall apart”; to keep your everyday life together and in order. You may consciously or unconsciously be trying to slow your process. Soul timing is mysterious and must remain that way for it to create its magic.


Flowing with Change



Your soul is always guiding you in right-timing for particular change. As you follow this flow of transformation, life progresses along more smoothly and beautifully. When you resist, you create troubled times triggering anger and emotional disappointments. 

Meditating on the ideas of flowing with change and transformations with ease and grace will certainly allow for more comforting and creative experiences. Trusting this process can bring up passionate, purposeful, positive feelings. 

Let go to the soul-rhythm of your life. Listen to your soul’s guidance as it always leads you on a path to your Highest Good if you allow it. When you resist and protect yourself, the pathway may become forked with choices. You will receive the same soul lesson, but the road may be bumpy. Trust where you are led for a smooth ride.

Passionate or emotionally intense vibrations may be needed to activate necessary change for your highest level of living and creating as YOU. Know that if you are led into darkness or a void, you will be led out into the light once again. On the other side of the veil is the promise of an uplifting paradise revealed, joy, celebration, peace and bliss.

Relax deeply and breathe peacefully into your sacred center.

Imagine the center to be loving, soft, fluid, and powerfully vibrant.

Allow this light to brighten all around you, expanding effortlessly and happily.

Your spiritual mind awakens to the awareness that you are ready to let go and trust.

You speak to yourself: 

I am safe. My soul plans evolve gently with ease and grace. I am enthusiastic and awake, ready to respond to my soul urges. It is a sacred and natural unfolding. I know I will attract people, circumstances and events that are aligned for my greater good.


Be aware of your Higher Self and spiritual assistance will help you feel safe as you break through past limitations. 

Egyptian Goddess, Nut, reminds you of the ever-present unfathomable unknown. Give way to the Mystery. Trust that it will give you exactly what you need for your journey to wholeness.

The pure radiance of the Unicorns would like to align with your soul, heal it and raise your frequency with diamond light of all color. You are beautiful and perfect.

Wendy Chaffin 2023


Love + Gratitude + Joy = Abundance

Whether you are observing trouble or peace:

Remember the Magic and Amazingness of You!

For many, this powerful planetary retrograde time, as well as the astrological aspects, create seemingly random events, subtle confusion, continuous introspective lessons, wrap ups and undos. 

Harness the magic of this moon cycle by blessing your process with appreciation. Start and end with gratitude. Remember and celebrate how amazing you are, how much you have, how much you have accomplished, and how much you really can handle. 


I am continuously receiving blessings of abundance each day.

I have the power to serve with strength, ease and grace.

I celebrate my accomplishments and blessings.

I celebrate the beauty within and around me. 

Each day, each hour, each minute, I embody joy that is truly my own I call it in and live comfortably with it in all circumstances.

It is appropriate for me to be spiritually happy and trusting and to share this exuberance and appreciation with others. 

I lift the vibration of those around me by living with inner gratitude and peace. I affect others with subtlety, humility and integrity. 

I foster love, support and respectful interdependence in my relationships. I honor unity and oneness. I see and feel expanding joy in others.



Be like Leonardo’s Virtuous Man/Woman. Sacred geometry demonstrates that the ideal exists at all levels, while allowing infinite variety and form. Accept the perfection in all things, including yourself, and the truth of absolute perfection in every moment.

Acknowledge the joyful blessing or deeper loving intent offered to you in every relationship and unfolding experience in your life.

Bring to your relationships a world of endless variety. Fill your heart with appreciation for the many abundant, golden opportunities.


Is Life Unusually Random These Days?

Do you look outside and see the Randomizer (a function of our beloved Universe) has put something new on the screen, and lately feel like everyday it’s just another thing?

How can you maintain your balance and keep your sanity? First, start with your roots deeply secured in the ground. Next, put on your steam-punk, dust goggles so your vision stays clear as the winds of change sweep on by. When you are ready, gingerly take a look outside.

If the outside is changing then there may be complementary inner changes that would help you navigate the new circumstances of the external world. Take your time to adjust yourself. Find new solid ground to step on. It’s like taking on a new yoga pose and finding your balance. Assess whether any inner change is appropriate for you at this time.

When you see more stuff on the screen today, know that things will change again tomorrow, and it’s going to keep changing. Eventually you’ll land on a spot of positive surprises on the wheel of fortune. You may hit the jackpot soon, but in the meantime, don’t look outside so much. Keep the focus on the inside. Just hold tight as the Universe continues to knock on your door presenting you with gifts. Soon there will be one that you’ve been waiting for.

A very clever and creative client of mine and I did some writing together. We enjoyed some laughs as we lightened up about the random circumstances of our lives. 

Thank you with love, Clinton Rodriguez



Have faith that at any time you can invoke feeling good from the inside out, no matter what is happening in your personal life. Imagine a rainbow of luminous colors cascading down your chakras cleansing, uplifting and energizing you. 

The clever, inquisitive, enterprising, and skillful energy of the raccoon reminds you to foster your fascination with life. Adopt its optimism, steady growth, and grounded practicality. Raccoon encourages you to enjoy the simple things and appreciate abundance in all its forms.



The Power of Presence

Agree to live in harmony and peace. 

Then create your meditation by first allowing your navel chakra to be the Sun ☀️. The Sun is an ascended star holding the codes of the Divine Masculine. Become One with the Sun.

Breathe golden sunlight into your navel area. Awaken Higher ego talents, confidence, excellent health, a sense of belonging, inner joy and playfulness.

Ask Archangel Metatron to infuse your navel area with inspiration, creativity, and wisdom. Archangel Metatron greets you with a shaft of incredible love in your heart. He invites you to sit on a blazing golden throne in the heart of the Sun. Experience a slow expansion of energy. Open your arms wide to accept this light.

Metatron initiates Helios, The Great Central Sun, the Stargate to another Universe of Higher Ascension energies. Be One with this transcendent, fifth dimensional, bright, expanded light. The door opens and a burst of Sacred Fire engulfs you. Breathe slowly and deeply.

Fill your aura with white Diamond light. Rest now in a beautiful state of Presence. 

Please let me know if you were able to awaken this incredible state of being. Come in for a session and we will work with these guardians and ascension energies together.



Be a true leader. Take enLIGHTened action for the good of all.

Harness the amazing energy shining from within you. You are connected to the primordial whirlpool of creation. You are not separate from God/Goddess. Realize the sacredness of the golden spiral, the golden ratio, the Phi ratio, and a series of numbers called the Fibonacci series. These numbers are at the heart of how things grow in the natural world. Contemplating this will activate your consciousness to awareness that you are One with All That IS.

See yourself in a glowing orb of brilliant golden light. Infuse your relationships with vibrant enthusiasm and life. Surround all the people you know with joy and creativity. Magnetize and attract what you want in your life.

Wendy Chaffin 7/2023


Express Your Woo Woo!

Expressing your mystical thoughts and dreams nurtures wholeness. Let yourself go to your mind’s spiritual dreams. Be awakened by the subtle intuitive insights that float in and out of consciousness. Honor your Higher Self’s guidance through symbology and feeling impressions. The subconscious mind offers wisdom waves so delicate or precise that it may be difficult to analyze or describe.

This acute, sensitive intelligence adds purpose and meaning to your life. What seems silly or ungrounded is the necessary ingredient that charges all your earthly manifestations with magic. 

This moon cycle, bring forth your Spiritual Self’s guidance. Mix your logic with your feeling intuition. This is an excellent time to express your subtle dreams and hidden truths. Analyze your waking and sleeping dreams. Speak with open-minded friends, family, and people who show up synchronistically along the way. Or come in for a session to meditate and have a reading with me to connect with your innate Spiritual Master. Add sparkle to your daily rituals, routines, lessons and happenings. Communication, whether it is with another or with your deeper self through your voice, actions, writing/typing, singing, colors you wear, etc. …, will add luminescence to your days and future manifestations and nurture your wholeness.


The word [Adsum] has many meanings. For this reading, it affirms your own strength and focus on the present. As the angels affirm, “Adsum, I arrive. I am here.” So are you, here in the present, aware of your own Spirit Guidance from within and around you.

Learn to listen to all your parts and pieces and bring them together. Embrace them all and feel a surge of power and complete wholeness.

Activate latent, inner knowledge that will lead you to your path of service. You have spiritual talents and abilities that are unique to you and support your purpose here on earth.


The Akashic Tarot, Sharon Anne Klingler and Sandra Anne Taylor, The Crystal Ally Cards, Naisha Ahsian, The Goddess Oracle, Amy Sophia Marashinsky


Wendy Chaffin 6/2023