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Is Your Ego Expressing in the Higher Vibrations? Holly Moon

Wake Up!  Stay conscious of what your ego is doing!   The ego likes to involve your S.E.M.P.E.S. in negative (lower ego) and positive (ego in Higher Vibrational) ways:


The ego may act as you are not  connected to your spirit.  You may feel alone and abandoned by Source.

The ego learns new ways to feel good and will follow spirit’s simple, yet profoundly balancing advice.


The ego may entrap you into exhausting emotional rounds that last too long and wear you out.

Your ego feels excited, happy and balanced feeling life:   people, circumstances and events.


The ego takes you on a loop in your head until you can’t find your intuition.

The ego creates a clear, no mind experience so insightful messages can come through the intellect as well as the intuition.


You feel no self worth.  You control and have many expectations.

You feel good about yourself.  You trust and allow life to happen.


Your physical body and physical world are under attack.  You draw uncomfortable people circumstances and events to yourself.

Your body is healthy and you are feeling abundant life experiences.  Joy is visible in your reality.


You do not know why you are here on earth. Your purpose is blurred.

You recognize your service to yourself and others.  You rejoice in your purpose AND look forward to it unfolding naturally.

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The Way to Trust Life

 I sat in meditation one day really allowing myself to  ponder trust and this is what  I channeled:


 “Life reflects you with a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes interacting with each other in endless beautiful patterns. Release right and wrong and awaken to what is.  Adjust the quality of your experiences with responsibility, creativity and ownership and allow yourself to be awakened by each lesson of resistance.  Flow with your experiences and enjoy.  When you feel  you are going against the flow , adjust again.

Trust life for it will unveil splendor.  Trust life and you will grow and blossom into a reverent state of awareness.  Within this life is the sacred.  It is underneath all your interactions with nature, people, circumstances and events.  Play. Dive In.  Transform.  Shape shift. 

Live to capture joy!”

Wendy Chaffin

May 2014

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Connect with your Soul

Connect with your soul!  For this Willow Moon that relates to Taurus remember that the Earth is holy.  As you maintain this sense of honor and regard for all that is earthly this moon month, you will find that you are easily creating what you want by utilizing all your resources.  Soon you will see that everything you have always wanted really has been here all along.

Don’t get frustrated expecting it all to come in your timing.  Linear earth-timing can be tricky.  By the way, Mars is still in retrograde!  Stay in gratitude as you create, trusting that it will all work out. Have faith!

Let me know how these notes affect you positively or negatively.

I would love to hear how you are gathering all your resources and impressing yourself with your strength, love and creativity that maybe you thought you never had, or if you need help…I are here.

And see other previous notes about Willow Moon.

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My Favorite Daily Sacred Rituals

*I write down my dreams and interpret them symbolically keeping in mind an important guardian is messaging to me a current lesson that will assist my life.

*Just as my foot touches the floor in the morning, straight out of bed, I set an intention for my day such as, “I will remain aware of my sacred connection to Source throughout the day.”

*I bless my vitamins and supplements and my Nutra Bullet green drink as I prepare it and drink it. Lately, we are blessed with leafy green veggies from our garden plot. I send a grateful thank you to Mother Earth and to my husband with whom I tend to the garden.

*I stretch using yoga poses honoring my body and my inner temple – gently – reminding myself that having a flexible body creates a flexible mind open for Higher intuitive messages.

*I enjoy Reiki clearing in the shower because the water washing over me refreshes my mind, heals my emotions and connects me to my sensitive, watery essence. Afterward, I ask three guardians for my Highest and Best to go before my day paving the way for positive experiences.

*Lately, I chant the oldest Sanskrit mantra, the Gayatri Mantra. First, the Divine is praised, then meditated upon in reverence, and finally, an appeal is made to the Divine to awaken and strengthen intellectual truth.

*I read short sections from books or magazines each day about people who are inspirational and display enlightenment.  This sets the stage to encourage me to notice synchronistic events throughout the day that relate to the teachings of these advanced individuals such as Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, Sai Baba, WomanSpirit and many more.  I believe the energy of these beings assist me in recognition of my devotion.

*I look into other’s eyes more deeply and thoughtfully recognizing their Light Within.

Wendy Chaffin
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St. Peter, “Faith like a Rock” A Metaphysical Perspective


Recently, I sat in a personal meditation to uncover  more awareness regarding FAITH.  Much to my surprise I was introduced to St. Peter.  I felt as if I was an old monk with a wooden cross around my neck. I quietly asked, “Who is speaking?” and heard, “St. Peter”.  I had never put much thought to this being who once walked this earth other than he was one of Jesus’ apostles!


I channeled lovely information regarding devotion and self forgiveness.  He reminded me that he too was here to assist others with an open heart of faith. Later I  researched him and came to realize that his name that Jesus gave him, Cephas, was the Greek word for, “rock” .  St. Peter was literally Jesus’ rock.  This represents faith in God, strong, unwavering, and enduring. This faith was a necessary foundation for the building up of spiritual consciousness, the Christ Consciousness within us or the church of Christ within us.


Peter was unsteady at first.  He fluctuated from High Spiritual to the material and intellect, yet with an ever recurring desire for Spirit’s light and love.  Peter Mastered Faith turning lead into Light.  He understood that the material realm is made of the Light of Heaven.  Faith being the Key to Heaven’s Doorway.


To walk on the water of troubled thought without sinking requires established Faith.

Those that look right through the apparent hardships of their earthly environment and declare them spiritual, heaven will unearth, rearrange with freedom and love, a new reality.


Thank you, St. Peter.  I feel blessed by your message to no longer be a slave to the mind.  Command it to be still and know that Heaven and Earth are One as Spirit and I are One.

Wendy Chaffin  9/2013