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Spiritual Acceptance

 Living without acceptance of a person, situation or circumstance creates an intensity of discomfort that can vary from tolerable to miserable. Acceptance is the precursor to happiness.  Enjoyment is earned after a relationship is developed with acceptance. Think of acceptance as equal to trusting Spirit.

Acceptance = Spiritual Trust

Stretch your mind to accept this and the magic moments manifest. Spiritual trust is bypassing your own expectations. Of course, there is always something more pleasurable just beyond every person, situation or circumstance. With focus on the “something more,” there is never an appreciation for what presently IS. Spiritual trust or acceptance is only found in the present.  A person of integrity does not like to find out that his or her mind and emotions are lacking in appreciation of the present moment.

     Training to be present can be easy when you have been touched by the Light of God or Spirit.  To do this you must only ask and receive.  When you receive the Light, you will either feel it with your whole body or energy field, know it undoubtedly, or hear and see it all around you.  You may recognize the magic of synchronicity or the symbology of life playing out all around you guiding you as if everything and everyone has a secret coded message just for you to experience.  Practice noticing the language, the celebration, the adventure of receiving.  There is nothing more pleasurable.

You may believe you are not “good enough” to receive or be touched by the Light of Spirit. The silly illusion here is that you are always touched by God, The truth is you ARE God.  You are the essence of God, and this essence or Higher Self is with you and within you always.

Remember, Receive

Receive, Remember

Enjoy the moment. You will live with…

Acceptance, Spiritual Trust

Spiritual Trust, Acceptance 

Wendy Chaffin


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