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Everyone seems to be fascinated with knowing the colors of their energy field – the aura. Understanding and reading someone’s aura is complicated.  I have been seeing them my whole life, but just like it takes our whole life to understand our spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, ego, and soul processes of our lives, so it goes for reading the aura.
The aura will appear to the reader in a way that only he or she can read it and everyone’s intuitive processing is different.
 Below I am sharing a variety of notes on the ways to identify the subtleties of the aura and some of my important discoveries:
*The colors tend to be neon and other worldly and changeable.
*Sometimes there are geometric lines and patterns rather than colors, or both.
*There are radiances of energy that spread out around and in different directions around a chakra sometimes blending together.
*The chakras are not lined up straight up and down the body like in metaphysical pictures.
*The chakras are not colored like a perfect rainbow.  Everyone has their own unique color patterns.  There is no right color order.
*Some chakras are rimmed with silver, gold or opalescence.
*Not all dark colors or reds indicate sickness or pain.
* Intuiting color starts with what the color means to the reader.
*Images, symbols, knowings and even tones can be intuited for information.
*Blips of colored or white light that show up around the body, and depending on where they are, can indicate past, present and future energies.
*Energies can look soft, spongy, solid, you name it!
*The chakra colors or energies can be confused with the different, changeable energy layers that are around the body including, but not limited to:  the physicial, mental, emotional, astral, celestial, and so on.
*Auras extend very far out and even look as if the person is going to float away, or look the opposite, contained.
     The list goes on and forever as we all advance in our intuitive skills. My hope is to share what has taken me so many years to learn.  May you glean from my experiences.
     I am available to work with you to enhance your understanding of your chakras and energy field with private healing sessions, meditation, Reiki training or future classes.  I am blessed to be in service to you.
Wendy Chaffin


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