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Allowing a Spiritual Relationship by BE-ing Silent

     Surrender is the highest form of conscious contact with the Divine.  This leads to harmony and balance.  When you are feeling anxious or troubled, take a deep breath and let go. Create a safe space where you can reconnect to that part of you that is light-filled.

One way to do this is to create moments of silent oberservation.  It is critical in awakening that part of us that is attuned to the light.  By being silent, we become more aware of who we really are and what really matters the most.   The hardest part is finding time for silence.

We’re so stimulated by the outside world, TV, other’s and our own dramas.  It’s all so entertaining!  When we are aware of the light frequencies around us in form, we are meditative and we can go deeper.  In these reflective forms we can relate to ourselves and who we are more profoundly. But often we become distracted by thinking too much about what we are observing and sensing or get lost in a loop of reflection.  More often than not, we will not process deeply until we are in silence.

I love to practice what I call “Ceiling Time”.  I lie on my bed and stare up.  I also take time to sit and be and just ponder letting all my thoughts flow out until my mind is silent.  But most of all I spend time remembering.  I put remembering in my schedule every day.  What do I remember?  I remember that we are all source.  I remember that we have full potential in the present moment.  Sometimes, I have to write this routine into my schedule.

Our own ego’s thinking and figuring can get in the way of our relationship with our Source Self, our Light, and our Higher Self.  Our Higher Selves guide us in ways that will support our soul’s journey.  The most important advice we can give ourselves comes from our Higher Self.  This is a relationship worth putting time and effort into.

Wendy Chaffin


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