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Is Your Ego Expressing in the Higher Vibrations? Holly Moon

Wake Up!  Stay conscious of what your ego is doing!   The ego likes to involve your S.E.M.P.E.S. in negative (lower ego) and positive (ego in Higher Vibrational) ways:


The ego may act as you are not  connected to your spirit.  You may feel alone and abandoned by Source.

The ego learns new ways to feel good and will follow spirit’s simple, yet profoundly balancing advice.


The ego may entrap you into exhausting emotional rounds that last too long and wear you out.

Your ego feels excited, happy and balanced feeling life:   people, circumstances and events.


The ego takes you on a loop in your head until you can’t find your intuition.

The ego creates a clear, no mind experience so insightful messages can come through the intellect as well as the intuition.


You feel no self worth.  You control and have many expectations.

You feel good about yourself.  You trust and allow life to happen.


Your physical body and physical world are under attack.  You draw uncomfortable people circumstances and events to yourself.

Your body is healthy and you are feeling abundant life experiences.  Joy is visible in your reality.


You do not know why you are here on earth. Your purpose is blurred.

You recognize your service to yourself and others.  You rejoice in your purpose AND look forward to it unfolding naturally.

2 replies on “Is Your Ego Expressing in the Higher Vibrations? Holly Moon”

I’ve been wanting to write about this moon time – but haven’t found the words.

I didn’t read about Holly during the New Moon like I usually do, I kind of just blew it off. About a week into the moon cycle, hating life, blaming everyone for EVERYTHING, miserable, in tears, full of physical pain, and having a basic breakdown – I came to your blog.

My husbands anger and frustration towards me was palpable, and loud. After a particularly intense, finger pointing, incident, after each fighter had retrieved to their own corner, I came to your blog. My reaction made my husband MORE angry and frustrated with me. All of a sudden, I was laughing. Life doesn’t really suck! I’m just being unconscious of my ego.

It’s been a roller coaster month, but I’ve been able to take myself out of the pits of despair, just by sending love to my ego. A question that has really helped me this month has been: “What can you do right now?” Sometimes, the answer is simply: “Breathe.”

Thank you for your blog.

Oh, so happy to hear that you get it! Yes, isn’t it wonderful to know that all you have to do to stop the ego from spinning you out of control is to recognize it? We go unconscious! Once we wake up, remember how incredibly amazing we are … instantly we forgive ourselves and create better.

Sweet blessings to you in the light of awareness!

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