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The Doorway to Self Compassion – Oak Moon

During Oak Moon, call in Kele-de (an Irish Goddess).  She brings in Mastery of Healing.  You may call her in to heal any self doubt or worries you may have.  Ask her to walk you gracefully and easily through the doorway to your purpose.

“If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man (woman) as it is- INFINITE.”  William Blake 1757-1827 UK

Although Blake was considered mad by contemporaries for his idiosyncratic views, he is held in high regard by later critics for his expressiveness and creativity, and for the philosophical and mystical undercurrents within his work.

I dare you to notice how many doorways you go through a day.  Set an intention as you move through each one such as, “I let go of self doubt and enjoy happiness.”  That’s just one idea.   Tell us yours!

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6 replies on “The Doorway to Self Compassion – Oak Moon”

Through out Oak Moon, I have been traveling a lot and feel that I have been neglecting my business. I normally focus so much on my work, that I must remind myself to take days off and to be away from my phone and clients for at least a few moments each day. Taking leave of my work has enabled me to rediscover the joys of learning new things, being with loved ones, and embracing nature again.
In my journeywork, I see Cerridwin with her cauldron and rabbit. She tells me love is born from both light and dark. All life comes from the same. When you love, you are in service. When you forgive, you heal yourself.
Loving myself is an integral part of being in service. Without that, there is nothing. We all ride the same wave. We are never alone. When I am in service to myself, I can be of service to others. When I love myself, I love others. When I receive a blessing, others may be blessed.
I am grateful for the reminder that life is not about running a business. That true joy can be found within myself and with my beautiful family. That I can heal myself with love and forgiveness, and that I can truly be of service to others when I am loving and nurturing myself.

I am allowing Epona and Oak Moon Mother to guide me. I asked Goddess Duir for my wants and my needs to be met. The guidance makes a beautiful flow of my day and the days to come.
I am Sticking to My Plan, holding the intention and taking action. Its tricky because you do not want to force the action, just be in the flow. I have been enjoying this vibration. The reward of allowing and being ready to recieve. I have been busy doing energy work with myself and clients. When I feel like I am forcing a situation, I find other things to do, after a hissy fit (lately), ends in laughter. Hahaha I am also dealing with my concussion from about 16 years ago, my memory loss. It really pisses me off I cant remember people, events, ect… I’m trying to let THAT FLOW…. LOL…

This moon comes at a perfect time. I have so many doubts about my new marriage. I don’t know what to trust or if I can anymore. I know I should trust and let go but it is so difficult to do.

Well, without a lot of information, my guardians tell me that you are being called to be in service to the Divine Feminine. You are to awaken your feminine power to help heal your relationship trust issues. When your husband gets overly logical and mad, you must respond with feminine grace and ease. Gather your courage to live from your heart and go through the doorway of the Divine Feminine in you. Your psychic and intuitive healer in you knows how to handle him. Mostly, take care of yourself and create loving boundaries so that you can live out your soul passage through this lifetime. Gather faith and trust in yourself. Also, ask the Divine Mother to accompany you when you are not sure how to go forward. Don’t give up, LIGHTEN up!

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