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Connect with your Soul

Connect with your soul!  For this Willow Moon that relates to Taurus remember that the Earth is holy.  As you maintain this sense of honor and regard for all that is earthly this moon month, you will find that you are easily creating what you want by utilizing all your resources.  Soon you will see that everything you have always wanted really has been here all along.

Don’t get frustrated expecting it all to come in your timing.  Linear earth-timing can be tricky.  By the way, Mars is still in retrograde!  Stay in gratitude as you create, trusting that it will all work out. Have faith!

Let me know how these notes affect you positively or negatively.

I would love to hear how you are gathering all your resources and impressing yourself with your strength, love and creativity that maybe you thought you never had, or if you need help…I are here.

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9 replies on “Connect with your Soul”

I am in faith in all areas. It is a cool place to be. I can hear the answers and guidance from spirit.
I just say Okay.. and doors open, life happens. Heck I have been running all day..
Business is great. Kids are great and the family. The man, haha, he just doesn’t get me. But its ok. I’m good.
Daniela Stevenson

What a difference a year makes!!

The message spoke to me very positively this month. I will continue honoring, working and being grateful 🙂

It seems as if this blog post was written specifically for me.

Especially getting frustrated “expecting everything to come in your (my) timing.” I will stay in gratitude as I create, and I will trust that it will all work out. I have also been praying, praying that all lessons I have to learn, are learned with ease and grace. Thank you Wendy, for teaching me that we are here on earth to learn lessons and that learning them with ease and grace is the way to go.

I will honor my resources this moon month by doing some spring cleaning. Ridding myself of resources I no longer need will help me appreciate those I already have. It will also help clear my brain, and stay in line with what I want. Happiness, health and wealth. The safety, well being, and happiness of my children.

Oh by the way, I went to the Earth day Fair last Sunday. My very first Earth day fair, I was drawn to go even though I did not have the kids. Lots to see and lots of people. New ideas on how to be better stewards of the earth- Donating old shoes for charity. Recycle, Reuse etc. Nice crafts and products on display!

Thanks Wendy! We all sure need those reminders….. Waiting in expectation can be really difficult especially if someone like me expects to receive “now”. It is surely a test in faith and trusting that one always receives a “Yes” when one asks and what we desire shows up at the right time for our highest good. Your statements give me Hope! I think the key is staying in Gratitude at all times knowing at all is always well.

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