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Alder Moon Vibration Moves You Forward

During Alder Moon vibration, relating to Aries, I usually feel ready to get started on something that I have been dreaming about and planning.  I seem to get just the right impetis to GO!  Although we have some planetary alignments that are making most of us feel as if we are at a standstill, I am hopeful that as this moon month progresses, we will be ready and active.  If not all through the month, we may feel guided to “Go For It” at certain key points in time.

Impatience can set in if you are not careful during Alder.  A fire can rise up and cause blow ups.  Try to be aware of the fire and direct it as gently as possible.  Sometimes fire is needed to get things moving to unstick heavy energy.  Forgive yourself for you may need to unblock some old pent up patterns that are ready for healing. Assertive behavior can become aggressive and threatening.  Be aware.

Are you moving forward this month?  Please let us know.  The full moon time is usually when we can see the highpoint of action or in this case, this month, we may at least see the beginning sprouts.

Your thoughts are important to the whole. If you are viewing this, you are meant to be heard!









12 replies on “Alder Moon Vibration Moves You Forward”

This has been the best moon ever. My family, new friends, old friends all in a different light. An amazing life this month
.. i feel liberated and free to be in my power and to share my power! Thank you Wendy!

I need to take time and sit periodically, and remind myself of how much work I have been accomplishing! There’s a small part of me that feels like – my book should be written, that successful blog is retired, that art piece is displayed. Then there’s the part of me that looks around and pats herself on the back. I feel lucky. My time with my kids feels more substantial – like it means more, I’m more present.

I’ve started talking to my body lately, and finding out that I never really loved and appreciated my body – I just kind of take it for granted. I’m practicing going through the day, asking it what it needs WATER. It talks to me too – during my meals, it tells me when it’s had enough. I’ve got to admit – it’s hard to listen! But I get better at it everyday, and it gets easier every day too. I think it’s because I’m clearing emotions from my body as well, shame, guilt, and surprise. Today I have been clearing surprise from my body.

Also – I’ve been practicing connecting to my guides; I can identify two – and the messages are simple, loud, and clear and awesome.

It sounds like you have a lot of “Going for its” happening in your life this Alder Moon time. Keeping busy and accomplishing can be a sacred process. Listening and responding to your “bodies”, example, emotional body, mind body, etc… is an advanced intuitive process. You have come far. Well done!

I have also been thinking about starting a blog but have been stuck on how to start it. I guess writing this is a beginning….. I have felt stuck by old patterns of fear , speaking out and letting my voice be heard. I feel it is time to take action and speak up about what I believe. I can’t wait for the end of the retrograde to start moving again! Need the inspiration 🙂

I would love to blog about daily life stuff that we all go through, spirituality and how it applies to our daily lives, raising conscious and aware kids in the modern world. One thing that always comes up is raising the awareness that Love is really all there is!

I created abundance by putting moon water on my alter daily. Daily I ask for guidance, to be in my highest vibration for the over all good, I ask to raise my current vibration so I can help more people and myself. I also have created a loving space for healing. Drama free, I am surrounded by love. I feel more abundance coming my way.
My goal is t be able to have billions of dollars so I may travel the world to teach who is in need.

I’ve been wanting to move and add new products to my Etsy shop, and even finally start my blog.

But, I have fear. Fear of what, I’m not sure. Maybe of putting myself out there and not being heard – or misinterpreted. What if I put products on my shop that don’t sell or are seen as junk??? What if my blog is foolish and silly? Maybe that’s what can turn into impatience, not moving forward because of fear.

Actually, you are right on time with Alder Moon. At some point in this wonderful energy you will bust through your fears. This may possibly happen by the full moon or by the end of this moon cycle. Fortunately for you, Mars is in Retrograde which means that the movement to go forward will be more thought out and deliberate. Blessed Be by Alder Moon.

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