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The Way to Trust Life

 I sat in meditation one day really allowing myself to  ponder trust and this is what  I channeled:


 “Life reflects you with a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes interacting with each other in endless beautiful patterns. Release right and wrong and awaken to what is.  Adjust the quality of your experiences with responsibility, creativity and ownership and allow yourself to be awakened by each lesson of resistance.  Flow with your experiences and enjoy.  When you feel  you are going against the flow , adjust again.

Trust life for it will unveil splendor.  Trust life and you will grow and blossom into a reverent state of awareness.  Within this life is the sacred.  It is underneath all your interactions with nature, people, circumstances and events.  Play. Dive In.  Transform.  Shape shift. 

Live to capture joy!”

Wendy Chaffin

May 2014

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