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The Soul Guardian – Cerridwen

The Soul Guardian, Cerridwen is the mother of both light and darkness.  In a short channeling with her, I gleaned transformative insights, “Do not fear me,” she says. “For you too are the embodiment of all there IS.  Recognize me in all that you are and resist not the temptation to be your true self  by honoring your deepest feelings.  As the scorpion stings in its defense, you too fight for your soul’s survival. Let your instincts guide you and I bless you as you take the chances and opportunities as they become available.  Well done, and into the light of your transformation!”


Cerridwen stirs my energy field and awakens my sense of urgency to BE what I need to be!  Thank you, Soul Guardian for the reminder of the power that lies within us that can not be ignored. Ceridwen is a guardian of the below portal of energy.


Wendy Chaffin 7/2014

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