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Live Your Life With Ease and Grace. My Favorite Expression!

I asked my Higher Self to get in contact with the Wise Ones to help me elaborate:
“As you follow your soul’s guidance, if you allow this blessed reality to be present in your consciousness, you will dream and create in a magnitude that is unmistakably yours and unmistakably in sinc with cosmic consciousness.  You see, YOU ARE cosmic consciousness and your unique self  is an extension of the grand plan for all of humanity.  This may seem too large for your comprehension, but it is not. For each small contribution from each individual contributes to the whole of all existence and profoundly affects the All.  Paradoxically, this kind of awareness draws close ease and comfort.  You will feel home in your collaboration and communion.  The contentment that fills your heart fosters grace.  A fluidity of motion from your awakening allows you to come in contact with the seen and unseen.  Blessed Be, Seekers, for you are of the Kingdom of God.”
Channeled by Wendy
January 2016

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