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Making Joyful Choices – Hawthorne Moon

I love this moon vibration because now it is easy for me to know what my heart wants and begin making joyful choices.  It took a long time for me to come to this awareness through trial and error.  I always left myself out of the equation of life.  I wrapped myself around everyone in my life and all that mattered to others hoping that I will find true happiness that way.  Nope.

It’s inside you…you know what it is.  Be brave to ask yourself to reveal it and say “Yes” to it.  Claim it.  Make a joyful choice and follow it’s rhythm.

What is obstructing you from finding your heart’s rhythm?  Who do you have to blame when YOU matter so much?

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I see myself reflected in many clients. Anxiety and fear, old stories, are coming up for people. Part of the anticipation of what is to come. As if they know they must prepare for a shift. There is a sense of waiting. Some uncertainty, some frustration. They want “it” now, but old patterns keep coming up, as if to block progress.
I, too, feel a bit anxious. Frustrated that I have to wait for things to start rolling. Like taking baby steps, all of them an integral part of the plan, in order for the shift to come.

Thank you so much for sharing!
After you get used to the creative eclectic potential for growth during Hawthorne Moon, She becomes a glorious adventure when it’s time to make a choice! clarity and clear choice sets in and fulfillment becomes the shift! Hawthorne Moon relating to Gemini becomes a favorite for many Wise Woman.

I’m 7 months pregnant, and it makes me happy to cuddle in bed with my kids.

I’m so excited about summer.

Letting go, and trusting the universe feels great.

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