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Are You Sensitive?

     Are you sensitive too?  

In the early part of my life, I could not understand why I was so nervous or uncomfortable around people, even my family members. I felt so much, but shutting down around certain people, and in certain places, was the norm for me. Sharing my dreams, visions, and fantasies was out of the question.  My experiences were my own, and of course that can make a young person feel disconnected and lonely at times.     


     What I learned in time with maturity, and thanks to some amazing spiritual teachers and a series of spiritual experiences, is that I have a big, caring heart that feels deeply. It is what generates a big Light connection to the other centers in and around my body. This big energy creates a sensitivity to others and to energy exchanges with all things, including objects, environments, the weather, nature, subtle thought frequencies, and entities (seemingly good or bad). 


     Sensitive people are naturally open and are more prone to having clairvoyant, extrasensory experiences.  Intuitive experiences are different for each person. While doing readings for friends, clients, and myself, I have come to know that everyone has these extrasensory abilities. 


     Intuitive abilities develop with every heart awakening, and how beautiful is that? But it is a difficult path for those who have opened their heart, or you might say matured their heart earlier in life, or who were born that way, but have not had any spiritual training to handle the tough world out there. These are the people who go through one painful experience of shutdown after another. This is akin to having your own inner target exposed so others can easily see the bull’s eye.  The marksmen can’t help themselves.  They shoot and win a portion of your energy with each accurate hit. Like a soap opera, it’s exciting and dramatic, and many enjoy that kind of stimulation, but not the sensitive. Although the sensitive person is not innocent, either. He or she partakes in the soap opera, switching roles with the leading characters. The ego’s hold can be complex and engaging.


     But there is hope for the sensitive:  A Boundary of Light


     Boundaries are necessary to separate us from others physically, emotionally, and mentally. In fact, they are essential for developing healthy relationships. Your ability to use the light boundary can be developed with spiritual training. Such training will give you tools to enable you to stay open and to maintain your heart-centered energy field so that you can share your beautiful light with others, and they can then reflect that energy back to you. Everyone wins, and there is no need for the shutdown. Sacred Rituals are necessary to help you remember your light connection with yourself, others, and the world you live in.

Wendy Chaffin


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