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Year 2014 – The Seven Year


 2014 -The Seven Year!


      I am very excited about this year.  If you add up the 2, the 0, the 1, and the 4, you get a 7.   Seven is a lovely, graceful number.  It is all about the sacred.  It is the beautiful oneness of all things.  With the seven we are connected and harmonizing with each other and the world.  But, we have to activate the Law of Attraction here.  That means if you want to be in harmony and have the beautiful balanced  life you have always dreamed of, then you must watch your words, your thoughts, your feelings and actions.  They create your reality.  Come on, Lightworkers!  Haven’t you been practicing this for awhile?  It’s time to live it out and for a year of mastery.  Make your peace dreams happen for yourself and others.  Mother earth needs us now.  Our families need us as role models, leaders, harmonizers.  One catch, with positive seven you have grace, beauty and balance, but with negative seven, you feel shut down, mistrustful, over indulgent, even lazy.

     Trust is the key word here.  Go inside and believe in your Divinity.  Know what you desire.  See and feel the blessings of beauty within you, the oneness with all things, the subtle and the mystery that links you with the essence of who you really are.  Trust that everything happening to you is for a positive reason, for your highest growth and in it’s right timing.  Believe you have the power as you are linked to an unlimited force!


Wendy Chaffin


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I trust, that I can lead my family, with grace, beauty, and balance.

With 1/6 of the year almost over, I make the commitment, to bring happiness, health and wealth, to my family, my daughters, and all around me 🙂

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