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How to Meditate

Practice each day, if possible at the same time and same place for awhile until you feel like you’ve got it.

Set an intention to be surrounded in love and peace 
Sit up.
Breathe normally.
Be aware of your inhalation and exhalation.
Notice your thoughts..

Your thoughts are not a failure in the meditation process.Watch your thoughts and emotions that come up. This is a meditation too!
Bring yourself back to focusing on your breath for about a minute.
Repeat as often as needed without punishing or condemning yourself.
The minds natural clarity is never interrupted.
This is mindful meditation.
Once you have bypassed thoughts more regularly, look behind the mind’s eye and notice:
how you feel throughout your body, around your body,
the colors or swirls,
the geometric  shapes,
the pictures fully formed or half formed, add thoughts of what they might be, in color or not, a flash or like a movie screen,
the sounds: voices, yours or someone else, tones, music, lyrics,
and pay attention to what you know and again what you think.
Every thought, every picture, sound, word, feeling is important.
Be aware of everything! Let the sounds around you, planes flying above, noises in nature or in your home, tummy gurgles or pains in the body, voices nearby, even loud banging, drop you deeper into yourself.  Let it be a signal to go even deeper.
Did you make it up?
If you have gotten passed the ego’s sabotage of your spirit meditation, you can be sure that you are now creating with your Higher Self.
How do you know? 
You feel good and you feel balanced and peaceful even when you are pondering difficult thoughts or experiences.  You will stay connected to your Higher Self.  You will like the feeling and maintain the connection.
Getting Answers
You can even ask yourself questions. Some people would rather ask a guardian.  Either way your intention is to connect with a Higher Voice that comes from within.  The Guardians connect within and through you.
Wendy Chaffin

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