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Birch New Moon

Call on Birch to ensure a wonderful start and blessed new beginnings.

Initially Birch will help you with endings and support you in releasing old patterns and shedding unhelpful or negative influences  She will help you reach your goals toward the light for renewed hope when you are troubled or worried.  She helps you in times of confusion and reminds you to look upwards and consider the bigger picture rather than focusing on the problems and concerns at hand.

Open yourself up to your dreams and inner inspiration!   Please share your dreams and inspirational ideas on this blog to inspire others.  If you say it…you will create it!

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Hello All,

I would like to start out by sending big love to Wendy for her love and guidance throughout the years. I was immediately drawn to her adorable, soulful attraction I felt when I met her in my first Reiki class years ago. In my high priestess training I’m connecting Hot Yoga Postures with the moon months. This New year for me is definitely about opening up to LOVE. In many different forms. Just thinking about this gets my mind turning and my heart opening to what this could mean. I think 2 things have been happening to me when I have been gathering the courage to make the leap to open my heart. So in honor of Birch moon, I will practice patience. And I will be committed to consistently opening up my heart no matter how many times I feel resistance to those around me. I’m a feeler. I feel deeply. And in my awakenings, at times I feel lost in a world that I don’t feel people around me are ready to receive my open heart. So again I practice patience. I build my foundation. I make sure it is so strong, if someone or a situation tries to knock me down, I don’t budge. If I fall down I let it go and get back up. I believe in myself. I am determined. I concentrate on building my foundation. I have found this crucial in my life. The quicker I can let go and get back into the flow, the better off I am. I have to be patient because it takes time and strength and consistent practice to build a strong foundation. In honor of patience, the pose I choose for the month is standing head to knee. This is probably one of the most challenging postures in the Bikram yoga series. The most important part of the posture is the foundation, which is the the first part of the posture. For people who are new to yoga or new to the practice this is very challenging. They don’t like to take the time to stay in the first part and build the foundation. They are eager to get to the final stage of the posture. And it ends up going terribly wrong and looking pretty pathetic. (sorry).. Like I said earlier, it so important to build the foundation first. And in the posture you have to be patient and committed to yourself to stay in the first part until you learn how to lock your knee correctly. This could take weeks, months, and for some years. It doesn’t matter. If you try to move on before you have that foundation, the posture will completely fall apart. and you aren’t doing the posture. As long as you have the foundation you are good. You can fall out. And try again. You move on to the next three parts and you still have that solid foundation and a beautiful posture. Looks easy. Its not. Its important to stay positive, believe in yourself, not give up no matter how many times you fall down. Relax, breathe in and out, and have fun. And keep coming back for more. Consistantly loving. Just like in life. The posture and what you learn is directly related to the life lesson. If you are patience and do the posture the right way without taking any shortcuts, you have a beautiful posture. Same with life. No shortcuts people. Be patient, strong, one step at a time, don’t give up. Be consistent. A way of life. Much LOVE

Thank you, Holly! I appreciate your very kind words and your deep understanding of the Birch Moon vibration. It is pretty appropriate that she shines her reflection on us at the beginning of the year. It is a time to build our intentional foundations that manifest slowly and with patience. I hear you! And love and appreciate you too!
Also, thank you for sharing the yoga pose on my site. Your explanation of it really does suit Birch Moon. Blessings to you as you develop a handbook for others to use as they grow with the cycles and phases of the Divine Feminine.

I pretended my life was perfect, then I sat down and wrote a “Day in the Life As Metzli” journal entry. The resulting piece of literature gripped me with fear. I have been staring at this plan trying to figure out where I would change it… Nowhere. My perfect life is as close as tomorrow and I am afraid of living it.

There is a certain fear in leaving behind drama, flurry, and noise. There is a certain emptiness that is left, I make a commitment to fill it with love and light.

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