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Find Peace with Sacred Silence

The Elder is under the protection of the Old Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess (maiden, mother, crone), who guards the door to the underworld, to death, and to the dark inner mysteries.

Shhhhhhhhh…….. go within to discover the mysteries in the depth of your Silence.  Can you hold still and shutdown the outer world around you for a few hours, a day, a few days?   Tell us how you did with your Silence, successes and pitfalls.

6 replies on “Find Peace with Sacred Silence”

I am cleansing my space, my body, mind and spirit. All around there are signs: movies, people, spirit, my dreams…. As I quite down, I hear them, speaking to me..
I set my circle, call on Goddess, get my Reiki doll, and go to my space of truth.
Everything is going great. Everything. 🙂

I learnt that everything begins from within meaning that to work in the outer world I need to work in the inner world. Silence is what connects me to my inner being. Silence brings more clarity, it brings more calmness and peace to situations. It is a good thing! Took a day or two off during this period to be by myself and I felt better afterwards.

Being Silent was blissful during the time of Sacred Silence, Elder Moon. Being silent after Elder moon was very difficult. I felt out of balance. As soon as I was silent, I was fine. I meditated a lot this month. I pulled Runes for myself and others. Life is good if you listen.

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