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Ivy Moon is here again! Are your relationships in balance?

This is the time to honor your relationships.  Are you being supportive and interdependent or are you too wrapped up and codependent?  It’s taken me my whole life to see how codependence can slip into everyday life with others like a virus. The Ivy is not a parasite.  It does not feed directly off its host but uses it only as a means of support.

Talk to me about the state of your relationship.

And/or I would also love to hear about your relationship with Source.

Also go to Wendy’s Blog and scroll down and take a look at the notes on Ivy Moon last year for more insights…

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~ Reflecting on Sacred Silence Retreat to the Laguna Mountains (10/16/2015 to 10/18/2015) ~

What an enlightening time it was for me! Focus was on ‘relationship to self’, and Ivy Moon was true to reveal my codependence with staying in the old, dependent, limiting thoughts and routines that are comforting to me. My new path was confirmed. Although challenges are in store for me (inconveniences and detours), I know that if I release the old debilitating ways and take the risk forward (while being kind to self during setbacks), I will find blessings in the outcome. The message to me was: Do the best of your ability—release and place trust in the hands of the ‘Divine’.

Thank you—Wendy, Moon Sisters, and of course Woman Spirit. Your company, affection, and awareness always transport me to a more insightful way of thinking.

Thank you for your beautiful and insightful comment! Our Sacred Silence Retreat was a blessed event! I love the magical flow that everyone experiences as a result of our dedication! Thank you for participating!

I am having such a hard time with this moon. Am I codependent? Or is it that I miss my freedom and I feel tangled up!? EVERYTHING my boyfriend does in completely annoying. First, I blamed it on PMS. It’s been over a week now and I still can’t stand him. He isn’t doing anything different but I find every little thing he does gets on my last nerve. I keep thinking of my single days when I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted and not have to worry about another persons feelings. I have EVERYTHING I want and need and I love him BUT I am having such a hard time dealing with him. AND mercury retrograde is around the corner and that always makes me moody for some reason. What to do? I can’t handle another two weeks of this!

I hear you, Sister! At this time we can feel pretty annoyed with others. Spend more time using your Reiki training to balance yourself out. Send him energy when you are annoyed and look at the Lunar Eclipse on Friday that is bulding energy, as a potential doorway to potentiality. There is a disillusionment of the old ways of managing reality. Time to dissolve the ego’s need for perfection both in your self and in the process of life. This is exciting! There is opportunity here to recalibrate. Mercury retro will last until Nov. 10 and takes another 10 days to wobble out. So, now is the time to honor your process and love it! Take time to reevaluate the way you react and meditate on new ways, higher ways, of living. Mercury retrograge is a necessary element for growth and fullfillment. It is a wrap up time. It slows things down, so you have the time to do a great job of healing. Let’s say, all together now, ” Thank you Mercury Retrograde!” I believe in you.

How does Ivy affect energy levels? I’ve been feeling drained the last couple of weeks. Too tired to do anymore than I have too and feeling resentful when I have to do things for others. I’d rather sleep! 🙂

Ivy is a time for going within. This can make us feel like we are slowing down. a very different energy than when we were in Alder. You can still be active, but with more introspection and awareness. I think Ivy is awesome. I enjoy the expanded feeling that I feel in and around me. I feel it is grounding and airy all in one. Imagine exercising, eating, playing, talking, cleaning, etc… with spiritual awareness.

Still Movement. You can’t try to be there, you just have to be there. Here trying, is literally, not good enough. When you try, you have to work, and still movement is not about working. Here, you must embrace, and let it fill you.

Still Movement: if you are winning, then you are not there… Hmmm???

I don’t know what I meant anymore.

I am feeling sick and miserable, and I keep feeling that if I didn’t have so many others dependent on me, then I would feel better.

I couldn’t even listen to my BF talk about his problems. His words were literally hurting my brain. And I felt so guilty for not listening to him, when he had been so sweet earlier in helping around the house and helping me rest (I know that contradicts the whole “others being dependent of me”)…

I feel crazy.

I like your reminders of how our personal relationships mirror our relationship with source.

Well I was confident of my relationship with source. Money was starting to roll in, bills were all being paid on time. There was a feeling of abundance. I was able to provide.

But now, unexpected bills are rolling in. More than I can handle. My body is screaming at me to take better care of myself. And the pressure on my chest is starting to come back. It feels like self imposed pressure too.

I’m flying from “I love my life, everything is great” to “I can’t believe I actually feel this sick”

I scared of the bills. They are student loans that were in forbearance, I know it’s silly for them to be unexpected. I know what to do, call the lenders, get payment plans that I can handle, and start paying. Find the source of income that will finally pay them off… But it seems so difficult at the same time.

We live in both realities all the time…things are good and ….things are bad. Once you can accept that into your awareness, you are ready to go with the flow of life. If the “good times” are a cover up for the stuff that is truly against your morals and standards of living than it is time to make clear choices to allow the creation of what you want to happen in your life. If your morals and standard are in alignment with your life that you have created, it will be easier to roll with the good and bad that just simply IS! The Divine or God or Higher Universal Energies, the ISNESS is … good and bad. Your personal self’s morals an standards barometer does matter. So ask yourself, “Do you like your creation?” Is there more cleaning out that has to occur for you to be satisfied? Start with yourself.

Perhaps I did not address your mundane concerns. I feel as if you need to address the deeper concerns of your heart so that mundane concerns about money will not affect you in the same way. Just a hunch.

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