Time for Gratitude! New Moon in Vine (Grapevine/Blackberry)

This is a wonderful moon vibration to be conscious of all that we have created in our lives.  Our work for the year has come to fruition.

Enjoy your earthly riches of your life:  the people, your environment, your awakened knowing.  You have grown and  matured and are ready for your next conscious creation!  What will you create?

Grapevine Moon relates to the astrological sign of Virgo and Libra. She is beauty, and earthly graciousness. Completion and ripeness exists! Pluck it off and savor the flavor! I look forward to Grapevine’s return each year. Celebrate what your have learned, created, and  opened up to. See in gratitude who has shown up for you and how you have shown up for yourself this year! Look around you and see what you manifested with Earth Mother’s help.

Picked these in my yard today!

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This is a beautiful message. I am glad I came back to read it.

I will take the time to sit and enjoy everything I have, a de very situation I am in. I have attracted it all to me, and it is beautiful. I now have the opportunity to consciously create change. Relationships I don’t like can be molded with love, for the best and highest good of everyone. What do you really want? What physical, emotional, and spiritual changes are you willing to make.

I must admit, I came here to vent. Since our last session, and the realization that my situation IS, I can’t wish it away, there is no use asking WHY, crying won’t help – and that it’s up to me to make some changes, my body has been aching immensely. My hips, my lower back, my shoulders, my neck – in pain. Just in pain. But this perspective really helps. The situation I am in IS, because I, whether in this lifetime or the last, asked it to be. The WHY, is so I can empower myself and grow. And they crying, can turn to meditation instead. The pain in my body is to make me pay attention, EVERYTHING is connected. I feel power right now, to create what I want – and I realize, that it is a process.

Thank you 🙂

How lovely to realize that you are living out your soul plan to learn and grow. This allows trust to permeate your life in all areas! Thank you for your great insights and for your bravery in sharing your life. You are amazing!

I’m there! I’m feeling very much like a 4 right now. Confident, yet maybe a little scared of being in illusion…

Practicing Reiki daily really helps too 🙂

Thank you for leading me into following the moon cycles. Fasting on the new moon and full moon has been helping too 🙂

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