Hazel Moon is back!

This is the moon month to follow your inner truth.  You have the answers.  Let your own Higher Self be the guide.

I have already been challenged by a family member to engage me into something that I feel is simply not for me.  The invitation was sweet and appealing, but I felt obviously alerted by my own inner faith that I will be going against my sense of self.  I felt very pleased with myself to have created a positive boundary that allowed us both to be in our inner truth.  If I’m not really into it, then he won’t really either.  Does this sound familiar?  I would love to hear from you!

I am also interested in hearing how you maintain your Faith in Spirit.


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Hi Wendy,
I am healing nicely and feeling great.
Thank you,
I am ready to explore more as a teacher.

Oh Wendy,
Thank you so much for approaching me at SOHA.. You have changed my world and all my wounds are healing. I decided to focus on my new level and as I meditated I began to peal away my old layers. I felt like a snake shedding my skin. Today I stood up for myself with confidence about my Reiki practice. Then I simply walked away.
Thank you again for letting me follow your lead,

I am leaving my comment here as a reminder to what I’ve already been through. I know that I’m in a new transmission because my friends are changing, my clients are changing, my child is changing, my job is changing. And now I’m in this flow creating all new things through knowing through my inner truth. I has not been easy. Normally, it’s a lot easier for me and things just flow easily to me, but this has been really different. But I’m ready. I just need to suck it up and move on…. yep. Suck it up. Because all good things are coming my way.

You are an inspiration to us. It’s amazing to be so in your faithful knowing and at the same time in complete transformation. This must be what your heart knows as truth and blessings for you at this time. I love your optimism. Stay fresh!
Faithful knowing is all about what Hazel Moon teaches;)

Thank you for helping me realize that I am not in control. After days of meditating on it, I’ve found, that my bigger issue, is realizing I am in command.

Do you have a good thought, or advice, on how to take better command?

Goodness, what a mess of a woman I’ve been: trying to be in control, of what I don’t command…

That’s wonderful that you can recognize the difference between control and command even to the point of realization that you are not liking the command situation. So don’t do it then. Only do what makes you feel good. The rest can be left to fall apart or someone else will just have keep it together or pick up the pieces. I understand that this may affect your financial situation with a partner. You may have to have faith that you have done your best to enlighten, teach, command, share…and it it out of your hands. He may do just fine holding it all together. If this gets way out of hand to the point that it only brings you unhappiness, then the partnership may need to fall apart as well.

I’m feeling challenged to “mind my own business.” I see things that HAVE to be done, and then I have to stop and ask myself: Is this my responsibility? Is my help wanted? Is my “helping” stopping a lesson which must be learned? Am I compromising my boundaries by doing this? Will these actions make me happy?

I am concentrating on doing what aligns with ME, and MY hopes, goals and dreams. In the end, you can’t take care of others if you’re spent.

Example: My MIL is moving. She is going to a smaller, affordable place, a necessary change as she has been living beyond her means. She needs help. She has furniture, and clothes, and trinkets, and music, and books, and instruments, and, and, and. I can see the steps that need to be taken, for her to get into her new studio, without having ask for financial help. I SEE the impending disaster coming, the extra $1100 being spent on an extra months rent, the “borrowed” money for an ad in the paper, for a garage sale that was poorly ran, the mental and physical strain, the abuse she is giving people around her who are trying to help. What am I doing about it? I sat at her garage sale for 6 hours to help her sell, and I will help her place ads to sell her furniture, but that’s it. (Actually, it already feels like too much!)

She does need help from her family, but climbing, dusting, carrying heavy boxes, and listening to pained stories about why she’s held on to that lamp for 50 years, is not my responsibility. It is a toxic environment, filled with work I dread, and I refuse to be around someone, who makes me feel used and abused. Her son, and her granddaughter, are refusing to help her with these changes.

I did tell her son, that she is going to need financial help with the move, because of her poor decisions. He knows that he is expected to help (he’s her only child, and he always pays for her moves, even if he doesn’t want to), and he is already grumbling about how he’s going to have to put it on a credit card.

I am a little upset, that this is going to affect my finances, but I realize, that, I already pointed out, the extra money being spent, and that I was ignored. I already told my partner, that I don’t want to pay for this woman’s mistakes. If he chooses to put this on a credit card then that is going to have to be his decision.

Well, I can understand your frustration. Here is a simple answer. Ask Spirit to help you let go of control once and for all. Be ready to see the lessons in it and be ready to feel free. You can only offer the people you love advice, but if they don’t take it…..? You can offer your services with boundaries then let go. This is taking Command, not Control. Control is an illusion. Only do what you are willing to do with an open heart. As far as the money part goes, we can only hope that this is a lesson of Faith. Trust that you both, you and your partner, have learned about how to create boundaries around money, time, emotional efforts, etc… because of the way this has obviously turned out – not so fun, but do try to see the blessings in this situation as well, if not now maybe later?

Ponder this “Contol is an Illusion” thing. I look forward to your amazing insights.

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