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Heart Magik with Ash Moon

We flow into Ash Moon Mother on Sunday, February 10th, 2013.  She is the magnificence and beauty of the Divine Feminine.  She teaches us many lessons about living from our heart.  Please let me know how you are feeling this moon month because  it is all about FEELINGS!

The Ash Tree (The Wisdom of Trees Jane Gifford)

In the early histories of Ireland, it is said that five magical trees protected the land;  three of these were ash trees, the other two were yew and oak.

St. Patrick in the 5th century CE was said to have driven all serpents out of Ireland with the aid of an ash stick.  To the Celtic people, the serpent represented the female earth energy and so to them this act of St. Patricks’ also symbolized  the banishment of the goddess from the involvement in the affairs of humankind.

In Northern European legend, the ash is seen as the Great World Tree, a symbol of universality, which spreads its roots and branches over every land and forms a link between the gods, humankind, and the dead.

In ancient Scandinavian legend three goddesses known as the Three Norns dispensed justice from beneath the sacred ash.

The Greek goddess Nemesis also carried an ash branch as an instrument of divine justice on behalf of the Gods.

The Vikings believed that the first man was born of ash and their god, Odin, hung himself from this magical tree to receive illumination in the shape of the runes – an ancient form of writing similar to ogham – the secret form of written language known only to the Druid intiates (the Celtic tree alphabet).

The ash is also connected to the waters of life and is associated with the sea.

For the Celts, the ash was the guardian of universal truths.



10 replies on “Heart Magik with Ash Moon”

I can’t wait for the new moon. Ash has been very challenging for me and the beginning of Mercury retrograde has not helped. I visited my family this weekend and it felt impossible to deal with them. I haven’t let them get to me in a long time and couldn’t understand why I was so easily frustrated with them. I thought about staying a bit longer to see if I could work through it but I started getting anxious. Now I’m mad. I’m upset with my boyfriend and everything he does annoys me. He missed me while I was gone and is being so nice to me and I just want to push him away. All my negative feelings from past fights keep coming up and I can’t seem to let go.

Yes, it can be very challenging. The trick is to reverse the negativity. You must make a conscuious effort to create the opposite. As soon as you go down, go up. Look for the Higher, Spiritual messsage behind the turmoil and then shift it with whatever rituals you know. Reiki in the momment helps. Or, just as you are upset, imagine that the light of the Divine Feminine surrounds and nurtures you. You will be gifted with insight and even hidden realities that will inspire you. Try it! Tell us how it goes! I know you can do it. Then you will come closer to loving Ash the way I do! You have such a big beautiful heart, and you know it!

Wow. This moon makes me feel the same as when I was PREGNANT, an emotional mess.

Is there some type of meditation, a lesson to be learned, a something to make this moon… Enjoyable?

Is it possible to get into the frame of mind that being watery and feminine is a blessing? Sensitivity is a powerful force. Whatever you want to create in your immersion of feeling can be mainfested. Stay as focused as you can and create the life you want. You may have to go through what may seem like a set back, but stay positive and realize that you are in your heart and your heart is urging you to create! Out of mind into heart may seem like you are breaking all your logic rules, but you will be be cared for if you can only remember that you are a Goddess!

So, what do goddesses do when then get angry? BLOW UP LIKE VOLCANOS!!! Turn imbeciles to ashes with their fiery eyes. Narcissistic little girls have turned to spiders. Oh, poor Medusa.

What do we do about that?

Love your process! Nothing is wrong and sometimes others need you to show them that they are stuck. Ask yourself if you want to create less reaction and if you do, allow it to be so! You are in command. Nurture your self and know that the Goddess is all things. Practice Reiki, Prayer and ask the Divine Feminine for help when you decide how you want things to go.

Angry. Frustrated. Annoyed.

Seriously. Are we just acknowledging these feelings? Because after I’m those, then I’m.

Happy. Greatful. Loved.

I have LOTS of feelings. All day everyday.

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