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Gentle Action with Alder Moon 2013

The Alder is a tree that supports and protects physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  It is associated with weapons and shields.  Knowing when to take up the sword and when to take up the shield is very important.

During Alder Moon, my High Priestess taught me to be comfortable in intense, goal oriented Alder of action and passion, but to remember my integrity.  Imagine there is a sweet deer next to you as you go along in the forest as the warrior/warrioress -Gentle Action  – so as not to scare away your friends and family!

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Hi Wendy!

I am ready for the next moon vibration, and looking forward to your next newsletter!

I have been WORKING since our last session. I keep seeing actions I can take and I can literally feel things clicking. I don’t know how I’m getting there, but I know where I’m going! And, thank you for reminding me to be nice. I like me a lot better nice. 🙂

I was ready to write about the next moon vibration until I realized there is a very strong Aries vibe overlapping the Willow New Moon which has an energy of Taurus! Kinda threw me off. I hear 10 planets will align in Aries including the last planet found beyond Pluto named Eris. Eris has been in the sign of Aries since February 1926. Everyone currently living and younger than 87 years old has Eris in Aries in their birth charts. In Greek mythology, Eris is the goddess of strife, discord, contention and rivalry. Her impact astrologically can be a bit pushy, to say the least, especially in her current location in Aries. All the more reason to be “Nice” huh? I’m happy to hear your are “clicking” with your higher state of awareness.

Hi Wendy! Not sure what you said to me yesterday but I feel a million times better. Physically, spiritually, emotionaly. I definitely let go of something and everything looks better. Thank you!

I see what you mean about the sword and the shield now.

Or at least I think I do.

Gentle Action means to act, but, don’t make waves. If someone is standing in your way of achieving a goal, then take out your sword; if someone is living out their muck around you, and it annoys you, shield yourself…

My mom helped me understand this. She visited me again, and I love her visits, I just don’t like that she “cleans.” I know, I feel a little spoiled when my mom comes and does laundry and washes dishes, but its a little uncomfortable AND some things you just have to do yourself. For example, my desk, with my papers, it’s messy, but no one can clean it except for me. This time, I shielded myself against her help. I know her trying to help is a sign that I need to get to it, so I straightened it out, and then I said: “Mom, could you crochet a cup cozy for my pencil holder? Here’s a pattern.” My desk is still messy, neither of us can really organize, but now it’s dusted and has a cute pencil holder.

My mom tends to set an energy around herself that can be toxic, but I have learned, that you have to navigate through it, and not stab at it. My friend Charlie taught me to “ride the wave” (then he pretended to ride a skateboard) when we were both teaching high school. I guess now I get to ride the wave using a shield and a sword. WAY MORE FUN!

So… Mercury stops being retrograde and Chaos breaks out in my home. Sure, my mom is visiting, but she’s a very pleasant and helpful person (for the most part) when she’s here.

Door locks are sticking in my home (someone was locked in my bathroom for 3 hours – now my hallway closet won’t open), and more importantly, me and C started FIGHTING. Mostly it’s me and my patience running out. Things need to be taken care of and he’s not moving fast enough for me. If there are ten things that need to get done in one day, he’ll take care of one, maybe, and he’ll be proud of himself for days…

Maybe I need to learn how to use the shield more…

I woke with a healing energy today. It’s like all those little things I’ve been doing all along finally sinergized into a beautiful space.

My finances are in order. I’m in a relationship with a man I love. I am healthy. I work with healing energy.


It’s still Mercury Retrograde.

Life is good.

I loved what you said in your newsletter, about the New Year being now.

There is a peace in my mind. I am getting so many things done, and the universe is rewarding me. I need help focusing my light though. My efforts, though necessary and useful seem… Random.

I’m forging paths just like you said, I’m just not quite sure where they lead.

I will have to be extremely careful during this moon time. I tend to have a firery personality. It could be easy for me to snap at others and not be my cooll calm self. Thanks for the advice Wendy and keeping me informed.

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