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Jan. 11th Rowan Moon Time

Rowan Moon is my personal favorite, well, because it relates to Aquarius and that would be me! I am an Aquarius Sun and Moon! To the Celts, the rowan tree was associated with visions, vitality and reawakening! Rowan is able to flourish higher up on the mountains than most trees. It is closer to the sun and divine inspiration in extreme environments and it still retains its grace of form and its potential for healing.

Rowan is the Tree of Quickening, of Sacred Fire, and of the Awakening of Spirit!

Broaden your perspective and allow a deeper understanding of your place in the Universe during Rowan Moon!

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Yes, we are just now changing over the blog to the correct format. We will correct the dates soon. January 11th we moved into Rowan Moon, Higher Consciousness.

I have anger and resentment. I don’t know how to show my love, and willingness to work on my relationship and put a limit on things that must stop. What do you do when your partner constantly pokes holes in your energy field ?

Set energy at the beginning of the day and the end of the day. Call for Higher Consciousness in your partner and self at all times including the times when the ego challenges. I know you know how to do this. Maybe add this to your list of things to do for the day and check it off.

Today I woke up with sadness in my heart. Disappointment. Again. The feeling of swimming through mud.

I’m cleaning out my house, taking things to resale stores, other things to donation centers, and yet more stuff to the trash can. The cleansing process is painful and slow going. I’m conscious of the energy I am releasing – and realizing that the demons which are stored in this house, with this junk – are not letting go easily.

Oh try not to think of it as demonic, but blocked creative energy that as it is uninhibited will allow great relationship synergy. Move the stuff around and organize, label it, let some of it go now and some later to allow the synergistic energies to shine through.

Reed – Realization, I need my own income, and I’m frustrated because I want to stay home with my baby.
Elder – Sacred silence. Stay open, the answers will come.
Birch – Be patient, stay with your dream. Being home is not just a want.
Rowan – Stop with the million home based business ideas, pick one and go with it. Plan it, start it.

Now I have picked my idea, and I’m going with it. I’m creating the product, I know what forum I’m going to sell it on, and have an idea of how I am going to advertise it. When, according to the moon, is the best moon to launch it???

Really cool. Spirit always let’s you know how far you can go. Organizing and starting is good. Then you can see what else this project requires. See how far you can go. Launchings can occur earlier or around Alder Moon. After Rowen is Ash, then Alder – Spring time.

Wendy, are there certain foods, exercises or meditations that go with Rowan. I would love to plan meals around the moon.

The only idea I have as far as foods go is to use herbs that are in season. January: borage (this one is very pretty with sky blue or pinkstar shaped flowers and black centers) is good for face masks and to treat colds. Look it up. Peppermint, not just for tea – add to soup! Marjoram. Pennyroyal. Chamomile, you can put chamomile in water for a facial steam. February: Angelica and Woodruff for sachets. Purple sage, try it is sauces and soups. Rocket, for salads. Now I don’t know how easy it will be to find some of these, but it may be fun to try. Using herbs feels so good to me. It is Mother Earth’s way of saying, “Look at all the unique and abundant flavors I give you for a creative and blessed life!”

Exercises may include meditative poses like Corpse Pose, just lie on the floor face up. Sit with legs crossed and do the Breathe of Fire, hold your third chakra and breathe. Look these up. They can stimulate the third eye. So can meditation that includes visualizations, hypnosis, and dream analysis.

I don’t know what time Rowan came in at, but I woke up with answers today.

Last night, my BF really hurt my feelings, making a nasty comment about a picture he had of me on his computer. It hurt me, and spun me into a mood – a hurtful one, where you feel pain. I knew where the pain was coming from, but I didn’t know why it hurt so much, or even how to explain to him why I was so hurt. I went to bed early, to not have to deal with it.

This morning, I had the words to explain: Home is a loving safe haven where you are protected. When my kids are older, and have their own homes, I want them to want to come back to my home, pleased and with smiles. When they leave, I want them to be sad that the visit is over – and look forward to the next one. I feel sad when people “survive” the holidays, or “have to” go visit their parents. I want my home to be the opposite. Here, you love. If someone’s clothes looks funny, you suggest an accessory, or a change of coats that will make it better. If your housemate has dry brittle hair, you whip up a hair mask for them. If weight is being gained, you cook more fruits and vegetables. I’ve been so sad to be in a home where we are laughed at, hurt, and ridiculed – all because we don’t know any better. I had those words this morning, and I spoke SOME of them, because something guided me to SHUT UP before I overloaded him.

Now I know, what has been hurting, and now I know how to fix it. I see my challenge, when my family is being mean and hurtful: I must guide them to stop, without telling them that they are mean and hurtful.

Your message is so special, Mely. Thank you for sharing it. I believe our role in the home as Goddess Women is to provide a boundary of love and spirit for everyone. We are the nurturers and the heart disciplinarians. We show how to work together and give respite to busy minds. Guiding is the way by example and kindness. Leave the directing for the men.

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