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Today is the full moon in Birch

Today is the full moon in Birch. Patience…Potential…..for two weeks.

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Hi Wendy! Are we still in Birch and how does it affect our moods? I can’t seem to quiet my mind and have tons of nervous energy. Meditation, yoga and Reiki work but are short lived. I’m having sleepless nights and it seems that all of my recurring dreams are visiting me again.

Hi! Yes, we are still in Birch until the 11th of Jan. This time is about patience. So many of us hate that word. It is a dream time. We are dreaming of potentials or freaking out that nothing is working. We want everything Now! But Birch reminds us to relax and think, dream of new and on the new moon in Rowen, we can finally begin to see the picture ahead unfolding.

We all think we get patience, but really we go around it as much as possible.

We are in Birch now. The switch happened at the full moon on Dec. 28th. 2013 is now a 6 year. A year of discerning and heart’s truth. Use the energy of the 6 to help you prepare for a year of living from your heart. Birch will end on Jan. 11th.

I am practicing patience while teaching Reiki. I had to set up boundaries with Trena the girl I work with. I also teach her Reiki. Setting up the boundary took a few weeks. I had to be really patient and try to be really nice. And the boundary has been set and she has backed off! Work is a lot easier and a lot smoother.

Daniela Stevenson

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