It’s Elder time.

It’s Elder time. One of my favorites. This is the time for Sacred Silence. Be still and do nothing. That means when you really engaged in it, I mean REALLY, you do not have the TV on or music playing. You do not speak with anyone and you do not even make eye contact! You can snuggle up somewhere and put some water, tea or snacks nearby and possibly a journal, but do not, I repeat, do not talk with or move around with anyone. Not many of us can really do Sacred Silence with family, or roomates around. It’s sometimes impossible to find that space. You can try to do silence for a shorter time like an hour and if you have the opportunity, go for a day! or a couple of days or more! We have two weeks until the full moon to try this. Now, why? Just wait. After your ego goes through a workout and you are ready to freak out…the magik occurs. Awareness.

Now, the other way to do this is to remain peaceful in your work day or family time. You may tend to keep to yourself. Don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Let them know what you are up to. It helps.

Good luck. Let me know how it goes.

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Sacred Silence is saving my life.

The message today is to start at the beginning, and take one step at a time. Don’t know where the beginning is? Stop. Listen. Take a shower.

I’m sure many people can relate to what you are feeling. The previous message about the guy looking for God is really appropriate. It is easy to get frustrated when all we really want is to bliss out on our Sacred Silence. In a way we have to earn it.

I did my first meditation today. I didn’t even realize I was meditating, I just sat on the bed after I put the babe to sleep, and was quiet.

I saw a vision. Me entertaining in my kitchen. It was a vision I’ve had before, it was very familiar. Very cool.

I’ll keep up with it and tell you what else I see 🙂

You told me a story before (pulled a card), about the man who searches his for God, finds his home, knocks on the door and then runs away.

And I keep seeing him (in my meditations) a cartoon-like figure, running away from God’s home. He’s shielding his face with his arms closing his eyes in pain.

Can you please re-tell the story? The fool running away, is all I remember…

This is a story from a poem of Rabindranath Tagore. The poet was searching for God for millions of lives. After a very long search he finally found the door of “God’s Home”. Once he opens the door his seeking will be finished. Then he starts trembling with fear that God may open the door and he runs as fast as he can and never looks back.The poem ends: I am still searching for God. I know his home, so I avoid it and search everywhere else. The excitement is great. The challenge is great, and in my search I continue to exist. God is a danger. I will be annihilated. But now I am not afraid even of God, because I know where he lives. So. leaving his home aside, I go on searching for him all around the universe. And deep down I know my search is not for God. My search is to nourish my ego.

Blissfulness does not allow you to exist, you have to disappear. That is the real message here, my loyal blogger. You have to pay the price and the price is nothing but dropping the ego. Do it when you can and disappear for a moment, enjoy, laugh, play and sing. Then get back to work.

Have you seen Life of Pi? Wonderful movie! Similar message and many more.

Isn’t enjoying, laughing and singing bliss?

And how, my dear Wendy, does one recognize what the ego is? It seems as difficult as distinguishing between setting boundaries and controlling everything. Or telling fear for the sake of fear apart from warnings from your higher self?

I’m so confused. Does blissfulness have to be dropped to find bliss? Or am I confusing bliss with joy?

Thank you for the story. It’s one of my favorites.

Okay, that was a power packed question with truth and confusion in one.

Disappear in bliss which is joy and laughter and a big high. Then we will have to go back to our mundane reality and work on our egos that love to play in drama and fear. Some drama is fun and some is really annoying. We are just not ascended beings yet. So this life of ours is our ego workshop.

The ego reminds us of what we have learned in this life in our early age and up. It is what society, culture, the world has taught us. It only exists on the outside. It does not understand our inner world of Divine Essence unless we teach it.

Perhaps you are confused because of all the great ego work you have done. Perhaps you are experiencing or have experienced your ego in its Higher Expression. In that case, enjoy not getting so hung up on what is good or bad, but just live and accept what is! That alone is a blissful experience. I think everyone experiences bliss differently. I felt blissed out the other day when it was so sunny and raining at the same time. I went out in only my towel after a shower ( I was still wet) and connected to God/Goddess in my backyard. All was well until I saw the neighbors looking at me from their yard – I thought I’d die of embarrassment – then they said, “Look over there!” And we all laughed and watched this amazingly large rainbow together. My ego settled down and I enjoyed the freedom of the experience even more and let go once again, but I didn’t let go of my towel! I’m not that advanced…..ha ha

Everyone has their own ego barometer. The goal is to feel balanced and good or for some, feel decent. Content? Anyway, if you set a good boundary and you feel bad, ask yourself a couple times if it feels better with the boundary you set. If not maybe your ego went overboard. If you feel good, well, that’s good. It’s just not worth going through life punishing yorself. Find your happy or contntment balance. Only you know if your are messed up from your own ego experience. Sometimes we love our confident ego and we need to give it a kiss! We would be nothing without it.

Is this a meditation you suggest on as daily basis? Or just one time and see what happens?

Oh, and the message on your newsletter was beautiful. 🙂

You can do Sacred Silence whenever you want. It is particularly effective during the two weeks of Elder Moon until the full moon. I suggest do as often and for as long as possible. Most people don’t have the space with others around.

Thanks for the nice message about the newsletter. Sometimes they are put together in quite a rush!

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