Understanding and Retrieving Messages From The Spirit World

Here are some questions I have been asked through the years:

Do you need to put yourself in a certain mindset in order to channel?

In the beginning I needed to put myself in a certain mindset by setting a sacred circle and clearing my thoughts, but then later it became more of a natural thing.

How do you know when you’re channeling?

For me it’s like a wave of energy that moves through my brain, or I can feel a download of information in my head that I know is separate from me in someways, at least separate from my personality.

Is it an epiphany or do you actually ask a question and the answer comes to you?


Do you hear the messages as if someone is talking to you?

It usually starts with a feeling first, then instant knowing and partially-formed pictures. Sometimes the picture is very clear and can even unfold like a movie. I interpret the symbolism and it takes what seems to me like a nanosecond to do it. I can also see and hear words and sentences. They come to me one at time, then as I continue, I go into a trance and the words just flow from me. I begin to speak without deciphering the words. The feeling, seeing, and knowing come in random order and flow together in succinct, clear messages.

How did this ability develop?

I believe this practice has come through my own meditations and facilitating meditation with others for over 15 years, but I did have an inclination since I was very young to communicate with guardians. After all, they were my best friends.

Once you ask a question of the Universe, do you always get an answer?

Yes! The answers are always there.

Wendy Chaffin
August 2016

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