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Harmony in Relationships

It is yours for the taking! Harmony comes first from within, of course. Your light within and around you IS Love and Harmony. This you must be confident about!

After all, how can you be in harmony with another when you’re in conflict with yourself? Make an inventory of your attachments – old attitudes, old habits, sometimes even old friends – energies that may best be left behind. Time to shed all illusions about our partners as well! Unrealistic expectations about your partner can stress you out! Unconditional love feels good and promotes patience which allows for positive change and growth.

Create an intimate relationship with your partner with both of you acknowledging that your union is a spiritual journey and a sacred one. Together you are peacemakers learning to overlook what is not seemingly perfect, surrendering and resetting to a new positive intention repeatedly. How are you both in service to spirit and how is your partnership a direct example of your own personal partnership with Divine Source, God/Goddess?

Wendy Chaffin


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