Create Respectfully With the Faeries

 Faeries are a universal phenomenon. Encounters are well documented. Faeries love nature, music, hunting, dancing, horses, and teasing and spying on humans whose follies and foibles never cease to puzzle and intrigue them. They live in the astral world, beautiful and fluid and have long lives but they lack the joys of human existence such as romantic relationships, creative endeavors, a full spiritual dimension, sexuality and children. They will aid us in magik and ritual to feel connected with our part of existence. They will help and assist with anything you are growing or creating. It is favorable to make an offering of some kind. They love beauty and luxury and are attracted to shiny objects and animals and humans showing respect for the earth realm.

* Faery and Magick are spelled in the traditional pagan way.

Wendy Chaffin  2012

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